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365 days of dinner: July 10-27, 2009

August 9th, 2009 at 05:34 pm

I haven't been posting dinner pics, despite the fact that we've been taking them fairly faithfully, for two reasons: one, I feel tired all the time, and two, food is just not exciting to me like it used to be. I was going to try and conscript NT or AS into doing an entry for me, but they've been plenty busy with other things. So I'm going to suck it up, ignore how unappealing these pics are, and post some before we get too far behind to ever finish this project.

Friday, July 10, we ate at a great restaurant, Sen Yai Sen Lek Thai, which uses local ingredients and sustainable practices such as composting. The last two photos are of dessert: black beans and sticky rice in a warm sweet coconut-milk soup, and banana and sticky rice in the same. Much, much more delicious than they look, believe me!

July 11 we had avocado salad and pizza:

Sunday, July 12, we had a big English fry-up for brunch, and veggie brats, cole slaw and veggie patties for dinner:

July 13 we had creamy broccoli pasta:

Tuesday, July 14, we had BBQ tofu, jalapeno potato salad, bacony (via Bacos) green beans and biscuits.

Wednesday NJ and CC brought over a risotto with baby lima beans and oven roasted squash. I was having a weird stomach night so I didn't have any, but I was told it was delicious.

Thursday, July 16, we had mock duck and vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce.

July 17 was basil rice-noodle stir fry.

Saturday, July 18, we had a kind of Asian-Middle Eastern fusion dinner: mahogany tempeh (a recipe from Vegan Fire and Spice), wasabi mashed potatoes, garlicky greens, and oven-roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce.

Sunday for brunch we tried out a recipe from the new Vegan Brunch cookbook, Tofu Benny, which NT served over a beet-potato hash. For dinner, we had Asian-flavor sesame-cabbage tofu pasta. This marks about the end of Asian food for awhile; I basically found that I can't stomach many of the flavors that I normally love.

Monday, July 20, I made spaghetti and tomato sauce with breaded, pan-fried zucchini:

Tuesday NT made spinach tart and oven-roasted cauliflower:

Wednesday, July 22, we went to the Torchlight Parade in downtown Minneapolis. We brought ingredients and made pizza at NJ & CC's house but neglected to take photos.

July 23 NT made BBQ gluten "wings" and a wild rice salad:

Friday July 24 was my and AS's 12-year anniversary! We went to a nice Italian restaurant called Zelo in downtown Minneapolis. We were with a group of friends and having so much fun that we forgot to take many pictures, except of the wine and the dessert (gelato and sorbet).

July 25 we had Morningstar buffalo wings, corn on the cob, kale and biscuits:

Sunday, July 26, NT made pesto fresh pasta with green beans. Unfortunately I found that pesto is too rich for my delicate stomach these days, so I foraged for something else to eat that night.

July 27 I made chili with TVP (textured vegetable protein) and AS made cornbread:

Whew, I can't look at food photos anymore, so I'm going to take a break!

365 days of dinner: July 4-9, 2009

July 18th, 2009 at 04:35 pm

Thanks again to everyone who offered their support and congratulations on my last two entries. Time has really flown and I realized I haven't done a dinner photos post in a while!

So going way back to Independence Day, we had a party that night, but first NT cooked Spicy Crispy Vegan for lunch and fresh pesto on fresh pasta with balsamic seared tomatoes:

Sunday I took care of meals, and cooked spaghetti with tofu balls (OK, but I'm still looking for a really great meatball substitute) for lunch, and vegan fish 'n' chips with mushy peas (translation: beer-battered tofu with vegan tartar sauce and Ore Ida fries and thickened instant pea soup) for dinner:

Monday night I made vegan spare ribs (out of gluten flour and spices) with an asian marinade we bought somewhere, stirfry peas and mushrooms, and potstickers (someday I want to make them from scratch, but these were from frozen).

Tuesday we all pitched in to make different components. We had salad, BBQ tofu, corn on the cob and a spicy potato-chickpea salad.

Wednesday, July 8, was the night we found out I was pregnant! Luckily the dinner was really simple: pasta with a spicy garlic toss and cherry tomatoes.

Thursday we had spaghetti with creamy tomato and white bean sauce:

OK, I think I'll take a little break there.

365 days of dinner: June 21-July 3, 2009

July 4th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

Sunday, June 21, we had grilled veggie brats, sauteed greens from the CSA and grilled corn on the cob.

Monday I made cheese and veggie "chicken" quesadillas, fresh corn and lettuce salad, and guacamole.

Tuesday I made what we call "KFC bowl" because it was inspired by a KFC product we saw in commercials: a bed of mashed potatoes topped with corn, broccoli, veggie Morningstar buffalo wings and gravy.

Wednesday we had our friends over for TV night and made them our homemade pizza:

Thursday, June 25, I made oven-roasted portobello, spinach and roasted red-pepper sandwiches with vegan garlic aioli, and tomato, corn and lettuce salad.

On Friday I made potato gnocchi in a creamy (but vegan) vodka sauce that NT prepared, served on a bed of fresh spinach and topped with fresh basil leaves.

Saturday was the start of two days of Pride celebration in Minneapolis, where my gay, bi and straight-but-supportive friends got together and toasted GLBT culture and rights. Party central was at our friends NJ & CC's condo; they're right on the parade route and blocks from both the park where the booths were set up and the bar where the block party took place. Saturday night they served us burritos:

Sunday night we expected to come home for dinner, but AS and I ended up going to the block party, and grabbed dinner (veggie burgers) at NJ and CC's, while NT fixed something for himself at home during studying. I didn't have the camera because I didn't expect that, so I unfortunately don't have any photos from that night.

Monday, June 29, I made Southern Fried Tofu, oven-roasted new potatoes and lemon-butter broccoli.

Tuesday it got too late to make the planned dinner, so I treated NT and AS to sandwiches from Pizza Luce:

Later, AS made strawberry-rhubarb-peach pie!

Wednesday, July 1, NJ & CC came over for TV night and brought veggie brats (including this spicy chipotle variety, which I had with tomatoes and tofu sour cream), baked beans and wild rice salad, among other treats.

Thursday NT made my favorite risotto, red Thai curry with mock duck, potatoes, peas, peanuts, shiitakes and cilantro.

And last night, July 3, I made Chickpea Cutlets from Veganomicon smothered in amazing chick'ny sauce (a recipe submitted by a user on some vegetarian site), lemon-butter broccoli and mixed kale and beet greens from our CSA with sesame oil and hot sauce.

365 days of dinner: June 12-20, 2009

June 21st, 2009 at 08:14 pm

Friday, June 12, we had a spicy pasta bake with garlic baguette:

On Saturday, we had a tamale-making party with a few friends. It was my first time making tamales, which was easier and funner than I thought it would be. The only problem was that the farmers-market jalapenos I bought and roasted to put inside the tamales were so hot, everyone could only eat a couple each. We also had mollete (refried beans on an AS-baked bolillo roll), guasacaca (Venezualan avocado dip) and a mango rice pilaf that NT just made up (he's awesome like that). Unfortunately, I only took a pic of some of the tamales, right before they went into the steamer:

Sunday NT did all the cooking. He made this salad with blackened cherry tomatoes tossed with balsamic vinegar, Bacos (did you know Bacos are vegan?) and vinaigrette. Yum! The main course was a fantastic risotto with Thai green curry, edamame, mushrooms and a topping of fresh cilantro that we grew!

On Monday, June 15, I was making penne marinara, and to make it unique decided to try making "beanballs" from a Veganomicon recipe. I didn't get the texture quite right (they were kind of falling apart) and I scorched them somewhat while pan-frying them, but the flavor was fantastic (actually the burnt bits were the most delicious), so I may try them again, with more gluten flour, and try baking them to see if that helps them hold together better.

Tuesday, I was meant to cook, but we got the request for more evidence from USCIS, so I was busy freaking out and digging out paperwork. So NT stepped up to bat and made Memphis BBQ tofu (from the Vegan Dad site), steamed asparagus and potato salad.

Wednesday, June 17, our friends weren't able to come over (they were bringing dinner), so AS and I scraped some spending money between us and treated ourselves and NT to Thai food from one of Minneapolis's favorite mini-chains, Sawatdee. We had spring rolls, pad thai and massaman curry:

Thursday I made a massive taco salad, with burger crumbles, leftover refried beans and guasacaca, black-eyed peas, tofu sour cream, etc., etc. So good, but I'm ashamed to say I finished mine while NT and AS left some in their bowls. Hey, it had lettuce and tomato, therefore it was healthy!

NT got off work early on Friday, so when I got home he was making fresh pasta with CSA spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. He topped this dish with homegrown basil.

Last night, June 20, we had friends over. They'd just gotten back from Tanzania and wanted Thai food, but since we'd just had that, we talked them into getting food from Kindho, our now-favorite Vietnamese restaurant since Lotus on Hennepin closed down. They also have some Thai elements in their food so it worked. At AS's request I also made tofu spring rolls and Lotus-style dipping sauce for everyone.

Woo hoo! I'm all caught up!

365 days of dinner: June 1-11, 2009

June 15th, 2009 at 04:18 am

Time for some more dinner pics. Let's see how many I get done before I get tired!

Monday, June 1, I had a completely bland white beans and grain dish and some steamed broccoli. NT and AS also had these tomato-rosemary-olive tarts (I can't remember their exact name, but they're from this great cookbook called Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone).

Tuesday, last day of my cleanse, I had a lentil-buckwheat salad, and AS and NT (lucky bastards) had veggie "chicken" parmesan over spaghetti.

Next day, June 3, to celebrate the end of my diet, AS made me vegan Rice Krispie treats! Very exciting, since marshmallows have gelatin and I haven't had one of my favorite snacks in years. I won't show them because they didn't stick together enough, but they tasted sooo good, we all just ate handfuls of it. Our friends came over and brought dinner, so we had two lovely curries and roti, and NT heated up these neat roulade appetizers we got at the Indian grocery store a few weeks ago--greens and chickpea flour rolled up together and cut into little rounds. Everything was especially good, possibly because I was so happy to be eating spiced food again. Smile

Thursday, June 4, I made fajitas with zucchini, yellow bell pepper and pinto beans:

On Friday, we had an easy dinner of veggie burgers or chicken patties, with a salad of some of the veggies we got from our very first CSA box of the year!

Saturday, June 6, we had a couple of friends over, and we had build-your-own-salad (which I forgot to photograph) and pizzas. They were impressed by AS's homemade crusts!

We had so much fun that night that we were fairly tired and hungover on Sunday! Luckily we had planned for spaghetti. I gave AS rough instructions for making marinara sauce and she did it herself. It was delicious!

Monday, NT and I teamed up to make Italian marinated tofu, steamed asparagus and chickpea-quinoa pilaf:

Tuesday we had my favorite dinner, Pasta della California topped with veggie buffalo wings. We also had a side salad (can you tell we're getting a ton of lettuce from our CSA?):

Also, NT made this bizarre-but-it-totally-worked Vegan Dad recipe: pineapple dessert pizza with jam sauce and chocolate chips. It was great for breakfast the next day, too!

On Wednesday, we were going out later and wanted something quick and easy, so we made tofu hot dogs with Bush's baked beans and salad.

Thursday, June 11, I made Slivered Seitan and Broccoli stir-fry from the book Vegan Fire and Spice. We had barley on the side (since the cleanse, we've decided to try having different grains from white rice once in a while). Another success; my new cookbooks have all been great so far! We also had steamed Chinese dumplings that we'd picked up frozen on our big shopping trip a few weeks ago. You can tell from the lighting that it was finally warm enough to eat out on the balcony again.

OK, that's all I have loaded onto the computer, so I'm going to stop for the night.

365 days of dinner: May 24-31, 2009

June 9th, 2009 at 05:09 am

OK, so waay back to Sunday, May 24. We went to an all-day hip-hop festival and mostly scrounged food we'd snuck in, out of a backpack. One thing we'd brought was some Southern Fried Tofu. When we got home, we didn't feel satisfied with the bits and pieces of food we'd had, so we ordered some nice Pizza Luce pasta and sandwiches and had it delivered. (OK, both of these are old pics being repurposed, because we didn't think to take any photos during or after this exhausting event.)

To make up for missing Sunday dinner, I took a picture of Monday brunch (we had a leisurely meal since it was Memorial Day and none of us had to go to work). We tried out three recipes from our new exciting cookbook, Vegan Brunch. I would say the Tofu Denver Omelet and the Individual Hash Browns were promising, but I need to perfect the techniques for both. I thought the Brooklyn Coffee Cake AS made was divine, but she said she would change it up a bit next time. Still, the cookbook is VERY exciting, and I've made a recipe since then that turned out absolutely perfectly, so I think it's a matter of refining technique.

Monday night we had a crazy-looking (but tasty) vegan "fish" that we picked up at United Noodle, a great Asian grocery store in Minneapolis. We had it with green bean salad and wild rice/brown rice pilaf:

Tuesday, May 26, I began a cleansing diet to try and speed recovery of a chronic condition I've had for a few weeks. (It appeared to work, by the way; I've been healing much more quickly this week!) So I would have a simple meal of grain, beans and vegetables, and NT and AS would have that as a side dish, with some accompaniment. So this first night I had barley, collards, mushrooms and white beans, and AS and NT also had veggie sausages in a red wine gravy.

Wednesday, I had kale and adzuki beans with kasha (buckwheat groats), NT had tofu in peanut sauce on the side, and AS had teriyaki salmon with hers.

Thursday, May 28, we had millet and yellow split peas and a grilled portobello mushroom. AS and NT had cubed vegetarian ham on theirs.

Friday I had red lentil and bulgur pilaf, and steamed broccoli. NT and AS ordered pizza, and also had some of the steamed broccoli.

Saturday, May 30, we tried a multigrain porridge with soymilk, fresh blueberries and quick-stewed apples. It was soo good! The porridge had rice, millet and several other grains.

That night, I had...oh, some other combination of beans and grains. I can't remember what they were, but it tasted pretty good. I also had oven-roasted Brussels sprouts. AS and NT repurposed the rest of the veggie ham with a mustard sauce.

Sunday for lunch we had a black bean, quinoa and mango salad with grilled corn on the cob:

And Sunday night I had lentils and spinach over buckwheat. I think AS and NT had a potato-and-burger crumbles hash, but I forgot to take a photo of theirs.

Phew! OK, at least I got through May. Now I have to get to bed.