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Combined Debt: 2007 Starting Point

NOTE: This list was made at the beginning of getting our finances combined and in order. There were probably some clerical errors, since this beginning number doesn't match up with my (religiously and accurately tracked) total debt paid off. But it's the only historical snapshot I saved from those chaotic days, so I thought I should copy it here for posterity.

A&C Debt as of 7/24/07:
Capital One loan: 29,525 (pays off $475/mo)
Reserve line: 701 (pays off $25/mo)
Amex: 18,197 (pays off $307/mo)
Trip to England (estimated): 5,000
Total credit card debt: 53,423 (pays off $807/mo; paid off in 66 mos. or 5.5 yrs.)

Mortgage: 183,996 (pays off $283/mo)
Loan from Dad: 7,000
Total home debt: 190,996 (paid off in 675 mos. or 56 yrs.)

Sallie Mae: 16,129
Firstmark: 3,388 (pays off $50/mo)
Direct Loans: 12,848
Total student loan debt: 32,365 (paid off in 647 mos. or 54 yrs.)

Total A&C debt: $276,784 (pays off $1140/mo; paid off in 243 mos. or 20.2 yrs.)

N Debt as of 7/31/07:
BOS CC: GBP1972 ($3944)--pays off GBP10 ($20)/mo
HBOS CC: GBP559.50 ($1119)--pays off GBP2 ($4)/mo
Mint CC: GBP132 ($264)--pays off GBP3.50 ($7)/mo
CapOne: GBP5420 ($10,840)--pays off GBP152 ($304)/mo
Book bag: GBP35 ($70)
Overdraft: GBP1572.50 ($3145)
Total credit card debt: $19,382 (pays off $335/mo; paid off in 58 mos. or 4.8 yrs.)

Mortgage 1: GBP42417 ($84,834)--pays off GBP54 ($108)/mo
Mortgage 2: GBP8942 ($17,884)--pays off GBP11 ($22)/mo
Mortgage 3: GBP9415 ($18,830)--pays off GBP12 ($24)/mo
Total home debt: $121,548 (pays off $154/mo; paid off in 789 mos. or 65.8 yrs.)

Education (estimated): $40,000

Total N debt: $180,930 (pays off $489/mo; paid off in 370 mos. or 30.8 yrs.)

TOTAL HOUSEHOLD DEBT: $457,714 (pays off $1629/mo; paid off in 281 mos. or 23.4 yrs.)

PS: Found a May 2007 debt total that didn't count the trip to England or any of NT's current or future debt. By adding the July numbers for those two debts with this May number, I estimate my debt starting point in May 2007 (which was likely the time that our debt was at its biggest ever) to be $460,698.