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April 2024 net worth update

May 1st, 2024 at 02:27 am

Well, being a multimillionaire household (assetwise at least) was fun while it lasted; this month we lost about $24K in net worth, even more than that in retirement account worth. It's been a good run and I'm sure it'll turn around again. With me and AS still getting our business up and running we haven't been contributing to retirement; NT puts some away through his work's 401k but that's it.

Still, we're kind of living Coast FIRE right now; none of us works a 9 to 5 anymore! We do need to put some more away for retirement at some point, but it doesn't feel as urgent since I'm not champing at the bit to get out of my full-time job.

Running a business is wild; I don't work 40 hours but I have a lot more responsibility so it's not something I just leave at the door when I get home. (Also I run it from home, so that probably adds to that sense of never quite leaving it.) But I really like not feeling beholden to bosses; I have clients to answer to, but there's no one client that controls my future, and I could look for other ones if my current ones don't work out for whatever reason.

Anyway, I wish I had more time to blog here like I used to, but I'm glad I'm still in the habit of doing the net worth update so I don't totally lose touch with y'all!

NT's UK pensions:      
AV1: 25,760 pounds (new number 22,000) $32,200    
SW: 31,522 pounds $39,403    
AV2: 7,401 pounds $9,251    
NT's trad. rollover IRA $118,258    
NT's Roth IRA $78,982    
NT's SEP IRA $6,729    
NT's AAC acct $3,044    
AS's trad. rollover IRA $29,619    
AS's Roth IRA $110,395    
AS's SEP IRA $79,537    
AS's Nevada acct (approx amt) $380    
CJ's trad. rollover IRA $256,126    
CJ's Roth IRA $85,295    
CJ/NT/AS house ($630,000 value -6%) $592,200    
CJ/NT/AS rental property ($588,000 value -6%) $552,720    
TOTAL ASSETS $1,994,139 retirement only: $849,219
Main mortgage $338,597    
Rental property mortgage $381,946    
Loan from friends (main house) $9,000    
TOTAL DEBT $729,543    
Current Estimated Net Worth March 2024 $1,264,596    
March 2024 estimate: $1,288,507    
Change in net worth -$23,911