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365 days of dinner: July 10-27, 2009

August 9th, 2009 at 10:34 am

I haven't been posting dinner pics, despite the fact that we've been taking them fairly faithfully, for two reasons: one, I feel tired all the time, and two, food is just not exciting to me like it used to be. I was going to try and conscript NT or AS into doing an entry for me, but they've been plenty busy with other things. So I'm going to suck it up, ignore how unappealing these pics are, and post some before we get too far behind to ever finish this project.

Friday, July 10, we ate at a great restaurant, Sen Yai Sen Lek Thai, which uses local ingredients and sustainable practices such as composting. The last two photos are of dessert: black beans and sticky rice in a warm sweet coconut-milk soup, and banana and sticky rice in the same. Much, much more delicious than they look, believe me!

July 11 we had avocado salad and pizza:

Sunday, July 12, we had a big English fry-up for brunch, and veggie brats, cole slaw and veggie patties for dinner:

July 13 we had creamy broccoli pasta:

Tuesday, July 14, we had BBQ tofu, jalapeno potato salad, bacony (via Bacos) green beans and biscuits.

Wednesday NJ and CC brought over a risotto with baby lima beans and oven roasted squash. I was having a weird stomach night so I didn't have any, but I was told it was delicious.

Thursday, July 16, we had mock duck and vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce.

July 17 was basil rice-noodle stir fry.

Saturday, July 18, we had a kind of Asian-Middle Eastern fusion dinner: mahogany tempeh (a recipe from Vegan Fire and Spice), wasabi mashed potatoes, garlicky greens, and oven-roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce.

Sunday for brunch we tried out a recipe from the new Vegan Brunch cookbook, Tofu Benny, which NT served over a beet-potato hash. For dinner, we had Asian-flavor sesame-cabbage tofu pasta. This marks about the end of Asian food for awhile; I basically found that I can't stomach many of the flavors that I normally love.

Monday, July 20, I made spaghetti and tomato sauce with breaded, pan-fried zucchini:

Tuesday NT made spinach tart and oven-roasted cauliflower:

Wednesday, July 22, we went to the Torchlight Parade in downtown Minneapolis. We brought ingredients and made pizza at NJ & CC's house but neglected to take photos.

July 23 NT made BBQ gluten "wings" and a wild rice salad:

Friday July 24 was my and AS's 12-year anniversary! We went to a nice Italian restaurant called Zelo in downtown Minneapolis. We were with a group of friends and having so much fun that we forgot to take many pictures, except of the wine and the dessert (gelato and sorbet).

July 25 we had Morningstar buffalo wings, corn on the cob, kale and biscuits:

Sunday, July 26, NT made pesto fresh pasta with green beans. Unfortunately I found that pesto is too rich for my delicate stomach these days, so I foraged for something else to eat that night.

July 27 I made chili with TVP (textured vegetable protein) and AS made cornbread:

Whew, I can't look at food photos anymore, so I'm going to take a break!

5 Responses to “365 days of dinner: July 10-27, 2009”

  1. momcents Says:

    You must be doing very well if you can cook in your first trimester! I could barely even open a can of soup for the kids without a sort of gagging/hurling/chortling feeling! ALl of the food does look awesomely delish though!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Those pictures do look delicious!

    Do you know if Morningstar has discontinued their corndogs? I haven't been able to find any for at least 5 or 6 weeks. They're probably my all time favorite. Frown

  3. cptacek Says:

    Wow. Man, I think I repeat meals at least every week, sometimes the same thing twice in one week! You guys don't have anything the same at all it looks like!

  4. whitestripe Says:

    i missed your food posts, but i understand the 'cant be bothered' thing Big Grin but thanyou for posting them!

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Thanks guys! It was kind of unpleasant to look at while I was doing it; I can't wait to start loving food again! Smile frugaltexan--say it ain't so! You know, I haven't craved those in so long, but maybe part of it is I don't see them in the freezer with the other products anymore. They were one of those not-vegan products that I ate anyway, because they were so delicious!

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