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Progress on January debt goal

January 4th, 2012 at 03:17 pm

I am WIPED. Sunday and Monday nights I stayed up late finishing "Getting Things Done" by David Allen and starting to get organized per his plan. Then last night I randomly got no sleep. I'm a 6- to 8-hours-per-night girl; can function on 6, do well on 7 and thrive on 8 (or 9, when I get a chance). Each of these last three nights I've gotten 4.5 to 5.5 hours of sleep. Not good.

So I'll have to update you on my getting-organized progress when I'm more conscious and rational. At this point I feel like I'm hallucinating. But I wanted to quick update my debt progress, since our mortgage payments hit on Tuesday:

US: $436 to principal
UK1: $262 to principal
UK2: $55 to principal
UK3: $58 to principal

All told, $811 paid. That brings us to $997 down, $1503 to go on the January debt goal.

4 Responses to “Progress on January debt goal”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    I love that book! Tough to implement all at once (I can't spend a weekend doing nothing but cleaning house). But there are definitely tons of ideas you can start right away.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you get some rest. I'll have to check out that book.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    It seems like every few nights I get really bad sleep. Don't know what it is, but it's so frustrating!

  4. My English Castle Says:

    I like his "Write down the Next Thing./Action Step" Idea. Happy long dreams tonight!

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