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Progress on debt goal (sort of); some annual goals reached

November 28th, 2011 at 08:33 am

Well, my Oct. 10 payment to NT's student loan has still not posted. They've repeatedly assured me that they received it and that in terms of interest, they will apply it as if it hit on Oct. 10. Eventually. So I went ahead and sent out another payment last week. It hasn't hit. Of course.

Still, I'm sure they got it, and someday it will post to NT's account. So as not to miss our November goal, I'm going to guesstimate that $1050 went to principal.

Also, one of AS's student loan payments hit, with $123 going to principal. Thank goodness we paid off her Direct Loan account before this new nonfunctioning website launched, or else I'd be tearing my hair out with two accounts not posting payments.

So, I'm saying $1173 went to principal, making it $1982 down, $18 to go on my November debt goal.

This student loan thing is so frustrating that I lost interest in calculating net worth this month. However, I just checked AS's individual net worth, and she's at a positive number: $28!! It's small, but it's a start. We'll really start building it up now. That's another 2011 goal reached!

Speaking of 2011 goals, we hit our $1800 to charities goal a month early! We decided to use some of this extra money coming in to donate.

The only goals I haven't reached are my EF, the Roth IRA (which we'll reach in December), and the creative/social goals where I was required to do something each month. I think next year if I set those types of goals, I won't have the one-per-month requirement, because you have one busy month and you've ruined the goal for the whole year.

Oh, I did finally finish reading the 1300-page "Count of Monte Cristo," so I've done 8 of 12 months in my creative/reading goal. Smile

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