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November 2023 net worth update

November 30th, 2023 at 11:00 pm

Finally some gains! After our values sliding for many months, we finally clawed back some net worth. A bit was Roth contributions and debt paid off but most of it was market gains.

I'm scrambling with tons of catchup on my tasks and chores after finishing NaNoWriMo, but I'll post a longer life update when I do my end-of-year net worth update next month!

NT's UK pensions:      
AV1: 25,760 pounds (new number 22,000) $32,200    
SW: 31,522 pounds $39,403    
AV2: 7,401 pounds $9,251    
NT's trad. rollover IRA $109,378    
NT's Roth IRA $72,727    
NT's SEP IRA $6,191    
AS's trad. rollover IRA $27,428    
AS's Roth IRA $101,331    
AS's SEP IRA $73,489    
CJ's trad. rollover IRA $239,754    
CJ's Roth IRA $78,559    
CJ/NT/AS house ($630,000 value -6%) $592,200    
CJ/NT/AS rental property ($554,000 value -6%) $520,760    
TOTAL ASSETS $1,902,671 retirement only: $789,711
Main mortgage $343,060    
Rental property mortgage $385,042    
HELOC $31,000    
Loan from friends (main house) $9,000    
TOTAL DEBT $768,102    
Current Estimated Net Worth November 2023 $1,134,569    
October 2023 estimate: $1,078,398    
Change in net worth $56,171    

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