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Stimulus came

January 5th, 2021 at 04:52 pm

We have three adults and two kids so we got $3,000. Our January budget is looking pretty good so I flowed $1,400 into our February budget and doled out the rest as personal money -- $400 for each adult and $200 for each kid.

The kids' money is split up: $120 each into savings, $20 each for giving, and $60 each to spend as they want.

The adults just get theirs as spending money. Well, for me and NT it mainly goes toward our personal money deficits -- mine from self-publishing and his from his hat business.

At least his hat business is pulling in some money and he may break even on his personal deficit soon -- my self-publishing is nowhere near profitable. That's my fault though, since I don't put a lot of work into publicizing my books. Turns out I like writing them, editing them and getting them into book form, but then I lose interest and want to work on the next book instead of marketing the ones I have out! Oh well.

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  1. Wink Says:

    In my former neighborhood we had a small but delightful independent bookstore where new authors were featured once a month. They would do a short reading from their book, then sign and hand out copies to people who attended. It was a great way to learn about new, self published authors. Once the big chain bookstores moved in, it sadly went out of business. I used to love those events! Good luck with your writing!

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