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January 16th, 2015 at 01:29 pm

Well, my poor eating/exercising continues this week. I had THREE servings of tater tot hot dish on Wednesday plus several glasses of wine. Last night I ate very reasonably and abstained from wine, but didn't use the elliptical. I've only used it once this week, though I've done crunches/squats/pushups a few times. Tonight we're going out for Mexican food as a date night, so I'll probably go a bit overboard again! Next week I'll try and turn over a new leaf.

Otherwise, mostly good news over the last couple days:

- My and NT's paychecks came to $90 more than I budgeted for, so that's an additional $180 per month.

- He is on his boss's case about the raise he's been promised. She's really good at stringing people along, but he's not going to let it go until she follows through. So hopefully she'll get sick of him bringing it up and just get it done!

- Last night's condo showing produced promising feedback; the buyer is considering a second showing of several places ours may be one of them!

- AS submitted a resume for a possible adjunct teaching gig at a local (very reputable) college in the fall. She was approached because of her previous position; it's a class on publishing. She likes a lot of variety, so it would be great if she could add teaching to her list of freelance jobs!

- AS has been touring kindergartens for AA, and they all seem like good prospects so far. She still has to tour the one that would be our default school; I really hope that one's good too, so we won't feel bad if we don't get in to any of our preferred schools and have to go with that one.

Soo looking forward to the weekend! Date night tonight, and then decent temps predicted for the weekend, so we're planning a few (free) family outings. Monday I just work from home a bit, and I'm going to a MLK-related rally with a friend in the afternoon.

4 Responses to “This & that”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds like some very good things are happening! Don't beat yourself up about eating the wrong things, just make up for it as soon as you can, get back on the healthy wagon Smile

  2. snafu Says:

    I hope DT explains to boss that he is expecting the increase grandfathered from____________ when the raise was initially mentioned. i'm of the view that boss likely gets a 'bonus' perhaps not monetary for stringing staff along and delaying increases...but I'm a cynic based on a long history working for politicians.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Every day is a new start for eating and exercise. You can do it. Smile

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    snafu, yes, he was promised one at the start of the new year, so he's going to tell them he expects it to be retroactive from Jan. 1. And his boss is one of the owners, so every penny she doesn't give out she gets to keep in her pocket!

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