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November goal, strategy for upcoming medical bills

October 30th, 2013 at 11:50 am

The goal for November is to pay off $900 of debt, taking total debt to $247,762. That's about how much we pay off by making our minimum payments. I'm not planning on sending anything extra to debt because ...

Yesterday a new claim had popped into NT's insurance account for $4,273.60. That's more what I was expecting/dreading. It's still pending, so I'm not sure what portion we're responsible for. But if I understand correctly, total out-of-pocket for in-network care is $3250. We'll already be paying $821.20 for the first two bills, so we should only be responsible for $2428.80 at the very most. There does seem to be some exception made for co-pays, though, so I don't know if that gets billed separately on top of everything. (We weren't asked for a co-pay at the ER, but sometimes places bill you later for it.) I'm not sure what the ER co-pay would be.

We still had $1776 left in what used to be the money set aside to pay off one of NT's student loans. Then, with the two Barclay cards we've already spent up and the third one on its way that will be easy to spend up to $1000 on, we'll have $1200 in travel spending, so I took $1200 out of future travel line items and put it in the medical line item. That takes us to $2976, so I'm fairly confident we can pay for NT's medical costs with no other consequence than a slight slowdown in paying off student loans.

There's a small chance we won't have to pay that much of the $4K+ bill, since we'll be meeting the deductible by paying about $150, and after that the insurance may cover more. However, there's a good chance we haven't seen the last of the bills from the visit, so I'm not counting on anything there.

There's a decent chance NT will get a $5000 Xmas bonus (maybe $3000 after taxes?), and if he does, I may still be able to pay off that one student loan this year. If not, it can wait for next year.

There's also some chance (no idea the odds) that I won't need the extra $2200 bone graft for my tooth implant next year. That money could also be used to pay off the student loan.

I do need to come up with about $1500 more for NT's spring tuition, but I think I can float that until the February budget comes up and take it out of there.

We shall see. Even if it's worst-case scenario for all of the above, I know we'll be fine.

3 Responses to “November goal, strategy for upcoming medical bills”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You definitely have a handle on how to work those bills out. Such a blessing to not have to worry about paying them. Saving for a rainy day DOES work!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Let that pending bill simmer -- with your out-of-pocket cap, it's definitely going to get knocked down a bit before it's final.

  3. snafu Says:

    Everything I read advises patients to review every single item on each and every medical bill as they are fraught with error. Items are repeated, procedures never performed are billed, meds never given are charged etc. If charges are questions or details queried, they magically disappear. The billing is done by procedure 'codes' so numbers are easily transposed by clerks who must have a set number of keyboard hits per hour. Accuracy is not a priority.

    Hope NT has fully recovered.

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