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The 5-5-5 fitness challenge: Are you in?

April 26th, 2012 at 02:00 pm

I wanted to kickstart my exercising in May -- or, even if it doesn't last, at least get more active for that month! To make it seem more fun, I came up with the 5-5-5 challenge.

The rules are simple: Do 5 types of exercises 5 times each in May (the 5th month of the year; get it?).

Or, if you already exercise enough and have other healthy habits you want to try out (meatless meals, meditation, whatever), you could make your 5 different activities anything you want.

My 5 things I'm going to try to do at least 5 times are:
1. Walk to or from work (30 min. walk)
2. Exercise to a Gilad program (got a bunch saved on my DVR)
3. Do free-weight training (both upper and lower body)
4. Ride my bike (any distance or duration of time counts)
5. Walk up the stairs to my condo (which is on the 18th floor)

If you want to join me, list your 5 activities on your blog, and we'll start May 1!

6 Responses to “The 5-5-5 fitness challenge: Are you in?”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Interesting proposition. I'm in. I kind of do that anyway!

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    The name keeps me thinking about Herman Cain's 999 plan! I'm in. So far I have 1) walk to the train station; 2) go to the gym; 3). Take the dog for a walk around the "long loop"; 4). Do 25 situps; 5) Tbd. I have to measure the dog loop and walk to the station. Thanks for thinking of this!

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    LOL @ mjrube!

  4. baselle Says:

    I'm in, now I've got to think of my 5 things!

  5. momcents Says:

    I am in. Though I don't know yet what I'll be doing specifically. I'm starting with a small daily goal today of riding my bike through the subdivision (I think if I ride it correctly its 1.5 miles) and I am going to mow the lawn. This is considered movement as I've been sedentary for awhile now!

  6. CB in the City Says:

    Like it. I'm in. I'll have to think about what my 5 will be.

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