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Expense tracking April 6

April 6th, 2012 at 01:06 pm

I think we're done for the day ...

$4500 retainer for adoption proceedings
$15 fee for copy of AS's birth certificate
$240 spending money (technically I only took out $150, because we were paying back for various personal expenses charged on cards that needed to come out of spending money, but ...)
$4755! (Should be our most expensive day by far)

With some of the spending money I withdrew, I did buy a few things, but to simplify I won't try to keep totals of these, though I'll note them if I think of it:
56 cents: 4 wallet photos of SL
$2.94: bag of chips (got 5 cents off for my reusable bag)
$41ish: 2 boxes & 1 bottle of wine (on sale -- equivalent of 9 bottles of wine, which makes it about $4.50 per bottle!)
$4.25: postage (mailed out retainer agreement, birth certificates, marriage license & $4500 check via certified mail)

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