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Progress on the November debt goal, etc.

November 1st, 2011 at 02:25 pm

All our mortgage payments hit:
US: $433 to principal
UK1: $262
UK2: $55
UK3: $58

All told, that's $808 down, $1192 to go on the November debt goal.

Approximately $182 will come from regular student loan payments, which means I need to come up with $1010 to NT's loan. Hopefully they fix the issue with his payment soon so I can figure out how much I need to send this month to cover accrued interest plus $1010 to principal!


Today at lunch I sent the last $1000 of the $2500 we agreed to give AS's mom. She has paid lip service to repaying us someday, but we are considering this a gift, not a loan.

If by chance she pays it back, we'll hold that money aside and be willing to loan her (in the future) as much as she pays us back. Sort of like having an escrow account for her (that she doesn't know about). If she pays none back, this is the last time we'll be giving her money.


We've signed up for the carshare service! Did I mention that we applied? Well, we were approved this week. We're using the car to go to our lawyer meeting next Friday. I think that'll be our first time using it. This first month will run over the $90 I'm allotting per month for this purpose, but we've got a healthy surplus in our budget so it's OK. It's running over mainly because of the application fees but also because we're taking the car for a whole day, so we can maybe have a dinner date after the lawyer meeting to celebrate getting this done!

I can't remember if I have any other news off the top of my head, and some urgent work came in, so I've got to run!

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