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Progress and some loss of progress

February 16th, 2011 at 03:09 pm

Made some progress on the following goals:

Save to Roths - $300 more for a YTD total of $600

Give to charities - I sent $15 to one and $15 to another, and NT gave $50 to another, so that's $80 more for a YTD total of $125

Organize at least one get-together per month - we have a dinner party for four friends planned for this coming weekend. Vegan soul food -- I'm excited to start cooking!

Made money with "side hustles" -- well sort of; I got a $50 reward card from a savings program with my bank for hitting a savings goal.

Write one shared blog post per month - done!

I also recorded the biweekly savings transfer to the EF plus some interest: $25.91 total. On the downside, NT's flat has required some repairs that ate up the usual income. So not only do we not have UK money to add to EF savings, we had to pull money OUT of EF savings to cover the mortgage payments next month. So we lost $540 of EF progress. Offset by the small automatic savings and interest, that's a negative of $514.09, taking us back to $830.40. Now we suddenly seem far away from our $7000 goal! Since we won't make progress in UK funds for March, that means we'll need to save an average of $685 per month April to December to hit our goal. Hmmmm...

There's been lots of money in and money out news lately. I think we're all going to owe on taxes. I've only calculated AS's federal and we already owe over $1600. I have no idea how much her state plus my and NT's federal and state are going to add to that. Sigh, the lawyer fund is going to take a beating.

On the plus side, my bonus actually cleared $1100 after withholding versus the $600 I thought it would! And I've got a possible freelance job for NT's company that might pay pretty well. NT continues to rake in OT pay and AS continues to get freelance jobs. So I still have high hopes of fully funding the lawyer money this year even with the tax hit.

1 Responses to “Progress and some loss of progress”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Sounds like great progress overall. We rented out DH's flat in the UK for several years--and it's hard to manage that from 3500 miles away!

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