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Money mostly out; sad news

December 31st, 2010 at 03:02 pm

We made a bunch of purchases for the home this year and it's really improved the quality of living around here. I thought we'd taken care of everything we wanted for a while, but several strong wants (not quite needs) have been building up. Rather than being frustrated by the lack of these things, we've decided to go ahead and purchase everything. I'm using some of the money saved up for the lawyer; most of that money won't be needed until at least 2012, so we've got plenty of time to get to the full amount we need. AS still has a good connection with the place that's been sending her freelance work, and NT gets overtime pay pretty regularly, so I feel OK about it.

Today we purchased:
A crib/bed convertible thing (we have one of those drop-side cribs, which have recently been outlawed from selling due to safety concerns, so we've been wanting to replace it)
An area rug for the living room (so AA can practice walking with a softer surface to mess up on)
Electrical plug safety covers
Bumper for the edge of the coffee table (again for AA's walking safety)
Two humidifiers
Spice racks (to try and fix our miserably overcrowded, poorly organize spice cabinet)

Phew! I think that's nearly all. We're also on the lookout for an area rug for AA's room. Not only are our floors hard, we've realized, but slippery. AA needs a bit of purchase if she's going to get better at walking!


We had some sad news via a notice in the elevator a couple days ago, and we confirmed with building management: The man who rented our parking spot from us has passed away. We never met him in person; we made the agreement over the phone and he mailed us a check every month (or taped it to our door if he was in town). AS spoke to him one other time, a month or two ago, because we'd lost one of his checks, but other than that we didn't hear from him at all over the past four or so years that we've been renting to him.

We looked up his obituary and he was 71. He sounded a lot younger on the phone. He died of pancreatic cancer. It sounds like he was well-loved and active in the community.

Now we have to figure out what to do next. Do we owe someone a partial refund? Who's handling his affairs? Is his car out of the spot? We figure we'll call the building manager on Monday and see what she thinks -- she might have contact information for his next of kin. I suppose if he lived with someone in the building, they might want to keep the spot, but if he lived alone, I'm not sure what to do. Very strange, sad circumstances.

4 Responses to “Money mostly out; sad news”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    I had to chuckle - "if she's going to get better at walking" - before you blink an eye, she'll be running! Perfect purchases!!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. baselle Says:

    I'm sorry for that sad news. I'd go with the next of kin, first. This is also a case for the executor and probate. What the executor does (at least in Wisconsin) is send a general ad in the local paper calling for creditors with a contact. I don't think you would be a creditor, but if you wanted to pay back the couple of weeks of unused parking rent you'd be paying it to his estate.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Homebody Says:

    Very needed purchases and very sad news. Happy New Year from me too.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    All resonable purchases, nothing crazy like I thought you were building up to. Big Grin
    Happy New Year to you!

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