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Review of May goals and progress

June 1st, 2009 at 08:18 am

Wow, May flew by! Progress on my goals was a mixed bag. Things that were already pretty much automatic, like paying debt, adding to savings and donating to charity, went off without a hitch. But where I needed more focus and effort, I fell down in some other areas.

I did have a last-minute burst of creative energy this weekend and put together two necklaces! I took some photos but didn't bring them with me to work; perhaps I'll add a pic when I get home tonight.

Anyway, below is a review of my goals and whether or not I succeeded:

1. Debt: Pay off at least $1400 of debt.
Progress: DONE! $1438 down
Balance as of 5/29: $397,383
Goal balance: $397,421

2. Savings: Save at least $1700 ($120 for AS's retirement, $1500 for the Wisconsin vacation, and $80 for the baby/emergency fund).
Progress: DONE! $1740 saved

3. Fitness: Try out (and hopefully continue to use) my new personal-trainer Wii game. Progress: none.

4. Environmentalism: Replace leaky shower head and faucet with low-flow system. (Possibly attend condo board meeting for eventual suggesting of composting.) Progress: NT installed shower head; still need to address leaking.

5. Creative/crafts: Make necklaces with the beads and supplies I bought last month. Do some practice crop art!
Progress: Bead necklaces done.

6. Philanthropy: Donate money to hospital charity.
Progress: DONE! $25 donated to cancer research.

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