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June goals

June 1st, 2009 at 09:05 am

Time to do my June goals. I feel kind of like I'm improvising, because I've thought a little about them but nothing very organized. OK, here goes.

1. Debt: Pay off at least $1600 of debt. Glancing at my minimum payments this month, this seems like where I will get. If I use the bus-pass money I set aside, I may be able to exceed, but not by much (it's only $84).

2. Savings: Save at least $1440. I'm going to be able to put $520 to the emergency fund (via NT's UK account), $120 aside for AS's retirement, and $800 to the Wisconsin vacation (thus fully funding it to $3000).

3. Fitness: Try out my new personal-trainer Wii game. I didn't accomplish this last month, and my health issues continue, but I'm trying to have a more upbeat attitude and not let it get me down, so hopefully I can achieve this.

4. Environmentalism: free month. We're continuing our current green activities and haven't fallen down on any of them, and I don't have any new initiatives in mind, so there's no specific green goal this month.

5. Creative/crafts: Start that crop art experiment! I almost started this weekend, but I just ran out of time. I think I'll be able to do it this month.

6. Philanthropy: Hold a vegan bake sale and raise money for a charity. This one's a big maybe; I'll need help to pull it off. But my favorite cookbook author, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, is encouraging fans to hold vegan bake sales sometime in the week of June 20-28, to both raise awareness of the possibilities of delicious vegan cooking and raise money for a favorite cause. If I pull this off, the cause I raise money for may depend on what establishment lets me set up a table on their sidewalk; I've got several in mind, from the anarchist/punk/activist bookstore Arise! to the Twin Cities Green environmental boutique to Urbanimal (a pet supply store) and so on. I think I have favorite causes in common with these and other businesses, so we'll see what I can come up with.

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