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Progress on goals, car-sharing dilemma, etc.

February 20th, 2009 at 08:01 am

Day before yesterday I missed another day of fruit, but yesterday I had some, and I brought a banana to work so I wouldn't forget today. So far I've remembered 12 days and forgotten 7. At least I'm having fruit more than half the time! It's not stubbornness, just forgetfulness, that's keeping me from meeting this goal.

I worked out on the Wii yesterday, so I'm halfway to my workout goal. I won't be working out tonight because I'm going straight to happy hour after work, so that means I'll have eight days to do six workouts. Oh well, nothing says I can't go twice on weekend days. I'll make it!

I finally started one of my crafts challenges: I'm weaving a piece of woolen fabric on a cardboard loom. I will probably sew it into a sunglasses case and see if it fits AS's sunglasses, but right now my goal is just finishing the weaving. I got about halfway in just a few hours last night, so shouldn't be a problem. I hope to plant my basil and cilantro seeds on Sunday.

Our homemade dish detergent isn't working out; it leaves a film on plastic stuff and doesn't clean as well as Cascade. We're going to try a greener storebought powder and see if that does the trick. Now we have a bunch of borax and washing soda to use up; but I think it's good for lots of other cleaning things as well. I got a bar soap instead of bodywash (thanks...Analise, I think? for the idea) and a greener brand of shampoo. The next thing to replace will be our plastic shower scrunchie. I love those things, but I've got to find a greener alternative.

Now, car-sharing. I've recently been feeling guilty that NT has barely seen any of Minnesota because of not having a car. Buying a car doesn't make sense because we don't need one; and we'd immediately lose $75 per month that we get renting out our garage space. So I'm looking into these carshare options. If I can't find a workable carshare solution, I'll probably just set aside money for us to rent a car one or two days per month, so we can go on some day trips, explore St. Paul and other places, try some restaurants that are out of our way.

One of the carshares is super-convenient, with drop-off spots in walking distance from our condo. Another one is cheaper, but we'd have to take a bus about 30 minutes to get to the drop-off. Then there's Enterprise, which has a location about 10 minutes busride/30 minutes walk from our place. The carshare places would allow us to take a car and pay by the hour, which means we could have several shorter trips. A rental car we wouldn't have to worry about time, but we could probably only afford one or two times a month.

So I'm still working out all the possibilities. We wouldn't do this until AS starts getting the extra unemployment money from the stimulus plan ($25 extra per week), which should start happening in late March or early April.

3 Responses to “Progress on goals, car-sharing dilemma, etc.”

  1. midlight21 Says:

    Use the borax in your laundry.

    Also you could google 'borax uses'.

  2. cptacek Says:

    You can grow your own loofas. Most people think they are sponges, but they are really gourds that you take the husks off of and the inside is the loofa. Lots of good websites out there showing how to do that.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Thanks guys! cptacek, I had no idea they were vegetable! Even though we don't have the space to grow our own, I think I will buy a loofa and give it a shot.

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