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December goals set

November 17th, 2008 at 01:59 pm

OK, I have my regular debt-repayment goal as well as a couple others.

My December debt reduction goal is to pay off $2,536. Why this odd number? Well, I figured out that I could probably pay off close to $2,500 by Dec. 31. Then I noticed that I was getting close to $410,000 total debt, and thought I should go for that. I was torn between that and going for $409,999, but I like the zeroes. Plus, if all goes well, I will tip the odometer down below $410K. Smile

I also have a December eco-friendly goal, which I've already been practicing for this month: to not take a single disposable bag from a retailer of any kind. I'm considering even washing and reusing the clear plastic bags that produce goes in. Generally I don't use those bags, but for some things (lettuce, snow peas) it's unavoidable.

We already do pretty well with our regular weekend grocery trip; we have a backpack and two cloth grocery bags that we take with us. It's the little purchases that kill me; getting a few things at Target, or buying a CD or a shirt or a couple snacks somewhere. To try and avoid using bags in those cases, I've smoothed out, and folded very tiny and flat, two Target plastic bags for my purse and one for the inside pocket of my coat. I've been doing pretty well at practice; if I forget initially, I will go back to the counter, take my stuff out of the bag they just gave me, and give it back to them. Hopefully they reuse it. Today I didn't notice that the clerk put a second bag around the one I gave him to bag with at Target; I had more bags and could have used one of those for double bagging. But, I'll learn.

I also want to have an exercise challenge, but I haven't quite clarified it. I think I'm going to wait till after Thanksgiving to decide what that will be. I haven't exercised, really, since late July or early August. Amazingly, I took another 2 lbs. off since my raw foods cleanse, but not by doing anything right. Probably just by being ill a couple times, and by losing muscle mass. Not good. So I want to do something in December to get moving again at least a little bit.

4 Responses to “December goals set”

  1. merch Says:

    eco-friendly goal - very interesting.

    And great job all year on your debt reduction!!! Q1 2009 - a sub $400k debt?

  2. koppur Says:

    We use the reusuabe cloth bags for the grocery store. Last time we went shopping, we had 3 bags with us. The bagger in the lane we were in filled 2, then put stuff in a plastic bag. I said to her "we have another cloth bag here" and she goes "I know." Proceeded to put 2 itmes in the last cloth bag and 3 in a plasic bag. Um, hello? Just put all 5 in the cloth bag and save a bag! Idiot....I took the stuff out of the plastic bag and left the plastic bag behind...

  3. lizajane Says:

    It's interesting to see the reactions of cashiers or baggers when you produce your own plastic bag. I don't know about you, but they look at me a little funny. One high school kid that is always a comedian ribbed me because I brought a competitor's bag in with me, but a lot of them look confused like they can't imagine why anyone would bring their own plastic bag with them.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Merch: In a perfect world, but I don't know how much the layoff and baby plans will slow down debt repay. It would be exciting though!

    Koppur & liza: I know, a big part of this is breaking my habit of not making a fuss if the cashier throws something in a bag. They probably think I'm nuts, but I have enough plastic bags and reusable bags to last me for years if I'm diligent (and vigilant). I can't compost because I live in a condo (and can't afford one of those little composters right now), so I have to find other ways of reducing my footprint.

    One thing NT and I were discussing the other day is only buying eco-friendly Xmas decorations from now on, and trying to make (and recycle when done) our own decorations from eco-friendly or recyclable materials.

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