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Weekend spending, and spending time with a spendthrift

September 29th, 2008 at 11:02 am

Saturday was haircut day in our household. I bit the bullet and got a super-short hairdo that I'm fairly confident could be classified as "fierce." I love it! It's actually shorter than NT's, and he's been giving me pointers about how best to style it. Our barber only charges $15 per haircut and hasn't raised his prices in at least three years. We tip him $5 on each job because he is really good for the price (and a great guy to boot), so the total was $60 for the three of us.

Saturday night we went to the restaurant we'd picked out, Broders Pasta Bar. Even though we knew it was high-end-ish, the name led us to believe it would be a casual, first-come-first-serve atmosphere, so we didn't bother making reservations. Turns out there was an hour-and-a-half wait! We got carryout instead, shared a carafe of wine while waiting, and enjoyed the food at home (it was amazing--we'll be going back--with reservation made next time). Spent $65 instead of the expected $100-$120, because we only had a bit of wine instead of the probable bottle or two, plus no tip and no appetizer. We decided to put our saved money into our vacation fund--why not? We'll be eating out a ton then too, so it's going to the same purpose.

A friend came over Sunday to sell NT a couple CDs because he was hard up for money and needed some to tide him over for the weekend. I don't know much about this friend's financial situation but he seems pretty impulsive and free-spirited. After explaining that he'd gotten down to his last $4 and needed to fill up his car before payday, he proceeded to pull out a new Apple iTouch and show it off! Someone asked when he got it, and he said he'd gotten a "windfall" a couple weeks ago and used it to buy this. Boy, it looked like a neat gadget, but it'll take me awhile before I stop associating it with someone who was so disorganized, they were down to $4 two weeks later. Not like I don't blow my windfall money on luxuries sometimes, but I at least look ahead and make sure I've got money to cover the basics first.

3 Responses to “Weekend spending, and spending time with a spendthrift”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    Wow. $4 left until payday? Is he like 17? That's what I did when I was 17. I learned quickly as an adult that that doesn't fly though!

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Nope, I think he's in his late forties.

    I was sympathetic until he pulled out the iTouch. Kinda sad...

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    That (the itouch) just would have made my blood boil.

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner out/in and saved some money as well! Good to try the place in a cheaper manner first - then you can go back and splurge.

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