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Reached September goal and then some!

September 15th, 2008 at 07:27 am

Personal loan hit; $1,036 went to principal. Woo hoo! So my goal was to pay off $1,350, and I actually paid $2,041!

And that's $48,360 to go on my Big-Picture Goal. (I know I won't hit it but I still want to track my progress on it for the time being.)

Yesterday we were going to the mall for some much-needed clothes shopping and a movie. NT got over $100 in OT pay, and since we already reached our vacation goal that it would have gone to, we decided to divvy it up to help us shop for clothes. Good thing, because money doesn't go far at full-price stores (which we almost never shop at anymore). We all made some very smart purchases and got things we needed, and actually got our movie for free, because American Eagle was offering a free movie ticket for trying on some jeans and another ticket for buying them. Two of us liked our jeans so we got 5 movie tickets altogether! Now we can go next week and only have to pay for one ticket between us.

It felt oddly foreign to go to the mall and shop and go to a movie. We even ate at the food court! It did make me think I like shopping and eating out, but the only way at this point I could add more money in for that would be to divert money away from travel, and I think that's our main leisure priority. We can't have all our wants at once, but we could always reprioritize later if we felt like it.

1 Responses to “Reached September goal and then some!”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I love American Eagle... I can always find a good pair of jeans there, that seem to go with every top. I'm glad you all enjoyed your outing!

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