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Within $1.11

September 11th, 2008 at 09:33 am

...of my new higher vacation savings goal! And since we have $25 automatically going into the account in two weeks, and a big ol' jar of change to take into the bank today, we will easily exceed, maybe even by $100. I think I will accumulate up to $100 more than my goal, and if we want to splurge on something during the vacay we will; if not, the excess will go into savings for our next vacation.

I have a nice big payment going to my personal loan tomorrow, though it will probably not hit until Monday. That will get me to my September goal and then some!

I've been thinking recently that I need to acknowledge my "Big-Picture Goal" will not be reached by 12/31/09. I'll have more money going toward mortgage and student loans and thus less and less to put toward CC debt, at least unless one of us gets a higher-paying job (too uncertain to count on). Also, if I want to start trying to get pregnant, I'll have to divert what extra money I do have into creating a proper emergency fund, and expanding my grocery/household budget to include baby supplies.

I'm now thinking that my main goal should be paying off my personal loan ($23,614 right now), which at 8.99% is by far the highest-interest debt I have. After that I really feel I need to pay my dad the rest of the money I owe him for helping us with our condo down payment. (I paid him $5,000 of the $12,000 within the first two years, but I haven't made a payment since then.) I was going to pay off ALL CC debt and then end with that, since it's no interest and no minimum payments. But if it's going to be several years before we're CC debt-free, I need to pay him by the end of next year either way. It's one of those emotional decisions that doesn't make the most financial sense; I know my dad is good with his money and has no urgent need to get that back, but I want him to feel like he raised a daughter who keeps her word.

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