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Student loan payment hit; new student loans

September 3rd, 2008 at 07:23 am

AS's student loan payment posted today, with $64 going to principal. So that's $1,005 down, $345 to go on my September goal. I only have one payment left before I hit my goal, a big one to my personal loan that should process around 9/13.

We've taken out student loans for NT's first semester of college; he went to his first class yesterday! He's working full-time and taking a full load of classes this semester, so I don't expect I'll see him much. After this semester he intends to take it easier.

I don't know the exact breakdown of the loans, because AS did the final bits of work. I think we took about 11,000 out for the first two semesters or something. At first that worried me because I only estimated $40,000 in loans for four years of college, but NT's already got a semester's worth of credits under his belt, so he won't have to take this many classes most semesters. I'm still hoping we can get his education for $40,000 or less, especially if I pay for most of his books upfront and don't use loan money for that.

So, when I find out the exact loan amounts, I'm still going to estimate the remainder of $40,000 in my debt list, rather than adding more. (Does that sentence make sense to anyone but me? Probably not.)

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