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Updated Web pages

April 4th, 2008 at 09:49 am

Inspired by everyone detailing how they control their expenses, I updated my Number Crunch, Bills and Budget, and Fun-Money Savings pages, accessible from my sidebar. (I keep these numbers up-to-date daily in Google docs, but only copy it over to the blog occasionally.)

If anyone is interested, those three pages, plus one for Total Debt, are how I track money for my whole household. The money in question goes in and out of three accounts: our joint checking account (where all paychecks are direct-deposited and from which all bills, spending allowances and grocery bills are paid), the linked savings account for our fun money, and the UK checking account (where I send my extra money and the UK rental income gets automatically deposited, and from which all UK bills are automatically paid).

I might add a page for my Total Debt file that I keep in Google Docs, but it's a little more complicated so I'd have to figure out how to imbed Excel files on pages (hint, hint, anyone who knows!)

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