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Small payment to the Plan

August 2nd, 2007 at 09:23 am

Well, I'm still getting my new total debt (with NT's now included) figured out, and waiting to hear what NT's salary will be so I can work out a payment schedule. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep to my 1099 + 555 Plan like nothing happened, because it will help me stay sane to have something to keep track of.

My mortgage payment came through and $283 went toward principal. So $683 down and $971 to go for the period of 7/26 to 8/26.

I'm going to update my sidebar without NT's debt for the time being. When I do update it with all I know, I'm going to keep that first successful goal for 7/26 at the top, just to remind myself that I didn't fail, just had to shift my priorities.

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