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Tiny bit more toward The Plan

July 9th, 2007 at 03:12 pm

Made my regular payment to my reserve line today, plus a little bit extra, so that's $55 more toward principal.

My goal is to pay $1654 by 7/26, so that puts me at $611 left to pay, $1043 paid already. I have 2 more regular debt-bills this month, which should pay $398 and $51 in principal, leaving just $162 to reach my goal. Well, I was trying to save up $200 for an extra payment to my reserve line (small, high-interest debt driving me crazy), but even if I just put together $170 I should be in the black (goalwise). That's encouraging, since this is my first concrete goal and I really want to make it to show I can! :-)


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