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Chances of getting rid of Sallie Mae this year

March 4th, 2013 at 08:56 pm

With so much exciting debt repayment this month, much of it from the surprise tax refund, I'm thinking we really do have a chance to get rid of the Firstmark-turned-Sallie Mae loan this year, AND cashflow NT's 2013 tuition.

The loan has $15,660 left, summer class will probably be about $2000 and the fall semester will cost us about $4000. So we'll need to come up with $21,660.

We have the following expected payments coming in:
$4000 (tax refund)
$1100 ("lost" payment)
$250 (AS freelance check)
$1000 (regular March extra debt repayment)

That leaves us $15,310. Once our withholding is adjusted, we should be able to put about $1500 per month toward it, so over 9 months that would be $13,500. Then, we'd be only $1800 short! If NT got a bonus at the end of the year, that could be the final nail in the Sallie Mae coffin.

That's assuming no crises come up, but it's also assuming no other windfalls, and those do seem to pop up fairly regularly in our life. So I'm feeling pretty great about making this happen!

1 Responses to “Chances of getting rid of Sallie Mae this year”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad to know it is a real possibility for you!

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