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More student loan debt progress and other news

March 1st, 2013 at 07:14 pm

Another payment hit NT's account where it hurts. Smile $296 went to principal.

$1050 down, $5720 to go on the March debt goal.

$5239.89 of big-picture progress, so we just need $1447.11 more to meet the March benchmark.


I got freaked out that we were going to be withholding too much with our recent adjustments, because the IRS calculator didn't say how much we'd actually be netting each paycheck. I found a calculator at paycheckcity.com that gave us estimates, and sure enough we'd only be bringing in about $50 more per month. I wanted more like $300 per month, so I'm going to adjust mine and NT's back down. I claimed 4 exemptions last year and had adjusted it to 0, but I'm moving it back up to 3. The only way we can come close to breaking even on taxes is for me and NT to owe a bit, since some of AS's refund is refundable credits, not actual taxes paid. Hopefully this will come out right in our next paychecks.


We're starting the weekend grocery spending with MORE than the budgeted amount! This is because we only dipped into March a bit last month, and then our Amex rewards hit, which I always put back into the grocery budget. So we're starting the weekend with $389 instead of $375 (or less, which is usually the case. Smarter spending + potty training are already helping the budget!

Tomorrow's my birthday, so I've got some treats and drinks on the shopping list. I've determined we should only spend $170 of the $389 if we want to stay on track through the 15th. So, if groceries go over that, I'll pay for my own treats, but otherwise I can pay for them with grocery money.

Birthday plans are pretty mellow this year. I'm having a few friends over to eat and play videogames and chat. That's all I want (or have energy for!) this year.

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  1. carol Says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy, enjoy!

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