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Finished writing my novel! (One more 2017 goal down)

November 30th, 2017 at 09:09 am

I finished up my NaNoWriMo challenge on Nov. 27 this year (Monday). After being pretty behind on my word count most of the month, I had a couple of marathon days and cranked out the 50,000 needed to reach this goal.

I don't know if I'll ever return to this novel and attempt to revise it. It's pretty bad. I know what mistakes I made during the planning stages and the (especially) poor writing was a result of not having the scenes worked out in advance, so often I was just riffing and making up details as I went along. This leads to issues with continuity, pacing, and much more.

But at least I wrote it! Since I did not fulfill my other goal of self-publishing some previous novels (and probably won't reach that goal by the end of the year), it's nice to have ONE creative win to report.

3 Responses to “Finished writing my novel! (One more 2017 goal down)”

  1. Carol Says:

    50000 words in November -- I am impressed!

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    exciting!! let me know if you publish. I want to write too and would be intersted

  3. Dido Says:


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