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More spending, another new meal

September 10th, 2017 at 07:17 pm

A couple posts ago I laid out all the upcoming shared-spending expenses I could think of for the rest of the year, but I'd forgotten that AS and I would need clothes, and that NT would probably want a refreshment at the U.S. airport before he left for England, and that the kids would want new Halloween costumes. Well today, I realized I forgot about prescriptions. AS should be good for a while, but I needed to refill three medications. And we were running low on spray sunblock as well. So, another $36 added to the deficit.

But we're still at less than $3900. AS is going to check with the one university I thought was going to pay her weekly, because we still haven't seen the payment I expected Friday. It's not a huge amount but it would be nice to know when I can expect those payments to hit.

We tried another new meal from damndelicious.com today. This was called "cheeseburger grilled cheese sandwiches," but I would call it "taco grilled cheese sandwiches" because it uses taco seasoning. Regardless of what you call it, it was fantastic. Ground beef (in our case a vegetarian version) browned, with taco seasoning added, then shredded cheese and diced tomato were added to the mix. That was the filling of the grilled sandwiches instead of just cheese. So good! I drizzled hot sauce on almost every bite. The kids were "meh" about it, but I think NT will love to try it when he gets back. Maybe I'll offer to make them regular grilled cheese next time. So that's 45 down and 5 to go on the new meals goal!

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