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New meals tried; couple shared spending expenses

September 9th, 2017 at 11:21 pm

Friday night we tried a new salad recipe which was basically raw corn cut from the cob, heirloom tomato, red bell pepper and tamed red onion (soaked in ice water then drained), with a balsamic dressing. We had it with veggie buffalo wings and dipping sauces for the "wings." The salad was good! Nice and simple but refreshing and flavorful.

Tonight we tried another recipe from damndelicious.com, which MonkeyMama turned me on to. It's a meat heavy site so I usually use tofu or a veggie meat in its place. This time it was honey lemon chicken & broccoli with rice. I used Morningstar chicken strips. AS and I really liked it; the kids managed to get their obligatory bites in.

So that's 44 meals down and only 6 to go! At least I'll hit one of my annual goals; I've kind of fallen down on some of the others.

We had some expenses this weekend that added to the shared spending deficit, but at least we're not back up to $4K. NT left for his 9-day UK trip Friday and had snacks and drinks at the airport before his flight. All other expenses will be on the UK debit card and will come out of the UK account, but since he was still in the U.S., this one was on our Capital One card. Just $20.

AS and I tried to put together our fall/winter capsule wardrobes from clothes we already had since we're so far in the hole on spending money, but there were a few things we were missing. We went to Savers; we promised the kids they could each get a toy if they were good, which was only about $4 apiece. But they spotted the Halloween section and wanted to shop for their costumes. I realized I hadn't figured that expense in but it was something we would have gone to Savers in October for it anyway, so we let them pick out costumes.

AS and I spent about $30 each, and the girls spent about $35 each on costume + costume accessories + toy. $130.38 total. Not terrible considering AS and I typically spend a few hundred each on our wardrobes every 6 months; I should be good for the most part, and even if AS needs a couple more items, this is way cheaper for 6 months of clothes than we have been used to.

Shared spending deficit is back up close to $3900. A couple of expected freelance payments didn't come in or else it would be less. Hopefully those payments hit next week and we can see that balance go down!

1 Responses to “New meals tried; couple shared spending expenses”

  1. Househopeful Says:

    I love the goal of trying new meals. I have been doing weight watchers since May and one of the things that keeps me going is trying new things!

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