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Weird Zillow fluctuation

April 21st, 2017 at 08:52 pm

Looking at my Mint.com account, I noticed my home value seemed a lot lower than usual. So I went and checked eppraisal for that and our Zillow estimate.

Zillow is now estimating our value at $436K. That's a far cry from the $586K in September! And I believe it went even higher than that, but that's the note I found.

Weirdly enough, they seem to have reverse engineered their trend line so that the value has never gone above $470K in the past 8 years. If I hadn't blogged about it, I'd think I was going crazy. They must have course corrected, but it seems disingenuous to fix their past estimates like that. It makes them look more consistent than they really are.

I'm not really thinking of a refi anyway; I think the best course of action will be to start paying extra on the mortgage once we've gotten most of our major home renovations out of the way. That won't be for another couple years at least.

2 Responses to “Weird Zillow fluctuation”

  1. jokeabee Says:

    I noticed the same thing with my rental house! Not only did my value decrease by 30k, and the previous values were a lot lower than what I had recorded.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I mess around with these sites every so often and I have noticed that many are really devaluing homes right now. I would think with it being spring, prices would stay the same or go up.

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