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October 2015 net worth update

November 1st, 2015 at 01:21 pm

NT's UK pensions:
#1: 17,105 pounds ($27,368)
#2: 20,501 pounds ($32,801)
#3: 4,452 pounds ($7,123)
NT's 401(k): $39,277
NT's Roth IRA: $7,405
AS's trad. IRA: $14,933
AS's Roth IRA: $24,368
AS's SEP IRA: $6,069
CJ's 401(k): $82,887
CJ's Roth IRA: $10,660
NT's flat: 180,000 pounds ($288,000)
CJ/NT/AS house: $440,000
Total Assets: $980,891

Total Debt: $484,730

Current Estimated Net Worth: $496,161

September 2015 estimate: $479,334

Change in net worth: +$16,827

Summary: Our retirement accounts haven't quite recovered their value (my 401(k) was up over $85K at one point and now is less than $83K), they've recovered enough to show the benefit of our recent contributions and debt paydown. We'd previously lost nearly $10K of net worth over two months; now we've made that back plus nearly $7K more.

Notes on the numbers above: House value estimates are approximate. I don't have a way to check NT's UK pensions or flat value, so their values stay static for the purpose of this update (unless I happen to get some info by chance). UK asset values and debt amounts are calculated figuring $1.60 for every British pound.

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