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Ups and downs

May 12th, 2015 at 05:52 pm

It's been a few days of ups and downs, and I either haven't had a chance to blog or haven't felt like it.

- Down: Our Noodles ran off again! Even the first night, NT was leaving doors open and letting the cats hang out on the porches. AS and I were worried about that and she mentioned it but we didn't do anything. Well, the second night, he was suddenly gone! There was only one door open, to our front porch (second floor), so he must have gone that way.

I'm not as gutted this time because A) He's demonstrated an ability to find his way home, B) I know it was voluntary on his part this time (last time I thought he might have been shut out), and C) I was very worried about NT last time, but I feel like he was asking for it this time. That was Thursday night and Noodles hasn't shown up. I hope he gets back safe! I've already implemented a strict indoor policy for our remaining cat, and if/when Noodles gets back, he won't get another chance to disappear if I can help it.

Up: NT's work has been pulling in so much money that they gave everyone a $200 Visa gift card!

Down: AS still hasn't received any of the big checks we're expecting. Our small amount of discretionary money is gone mainly thanks to getting NT's cap and gown for his official graduation ceremony, and me and AS going out to brunch for Mother's Day.

Up: We got the property tax money refunded from the duplex refi. I was able to pay off that high-interest reserve line loan. I still need to receive the escrow refund to make my budget work, but I can float everything until mid-June at least, and they're supposed to mail out that refund by May 24 at the latest.

Down: I caught some kind of 24-hour bug and had to go home early yesterday and work from home today. It just wasn't a good time to take sick days, unfortunately. But I've been getting better gradually over the course of the day. And I got a fair amount of work done.

I think that's most of the news. I still feel a bit out of it so I may be forgetting something!

5 Responses to “Ups and downs”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) It's not fun to not feel good, wonder about money and a missing cat. Hope there are more up days in your future!

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Oh yeah, I remember one more thing that happened! Kind of an up/down combination. I left my wallet on the bus, called the bus line minutes before they closed, and they were able to contact the driver, who said someone had turned it in. The driver's route came back by my place an hour later, so I went out and met the bus. He had my wallet, though the passenger had taken all the cash before handing it in. Luckily, I'd just deposited a check and two $10s into checking while running errands, so there was only about $3 in there. I was a bit bummed to lose $3, but happy all my credit cards and bus pass were there!

    A couple years ago I lost a wallet at the Mall of America, and it had hundreds of dollars of cash (stupidly enough). That mysterious stranger turned the wallet in without taking a single dollar. I feel super lucky that when it really would have hurt, the money didn't get taken. Comparatively speaking, I can live with someone stealing $3!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Hope Noodles returns soon and you feel better!

  4. My English Castle Says:

    There seems to be lots of odd bugs going around here too. Our First-year seminar training was down by about a third. Hope Noodles comes back! And I'd keep an eye on your credit card accts, even though the wallet was turned in. I've heard stories of people copying the numbers then turning the whole thing in to give folks a false sense of security.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    When I lived in NC, my male cat could go in and out, and he sometimes disappeared for days. I always worried, but he always came back. Now he is a total indoor cat in a third-floor condo, and he seems curiously relieved! (Maybe I'm just projecting my feelings, though!)

    Glad you got your wallet back, even though you're missing a few bucks! I once had a wallet returned to me completely intact, too!

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