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Showing went ... ?

September 13th, 2014 at 06:31 pm

Well, the feedback from the third showing was promising but not definitive. The mom (who would be living there and was seeing it for the first time) loved our view. They feel it would need lots of updating, but the other place they're considering is much more expensive, so they're still considering. They might schedule a FOURTH showing before they decide.

If they don't, back to the drawing board; we'll get the rest of the floors refinished and clean the appliances really well, and hope it appeals to someone else soon. We had a couple other people see it last week but no feedback so not sure if any are interested.

Meanwhile at our new home, we haven't heard from the boiler repairman we called Friday, but we're likely getting a reprieve in the form of higher temps for the next week, so no hurry. They've got tons of good feedback online, so we'll give them a chance to contact us Monday.

We have an annoying problem upstairs with circuits shorting if too many things are on at once, but we're learning to work around it until we can get it looked at.

I did some yard work today; very light stuff, just mowing grass with a push mower, raking up clippings, and sweeping these dry pod things that are falling from our tree onto the back patio. I felt like an imposter but enjoyed it! This morning I took the girls to our local park, three blocks away, and we had a good time there. I also got to walk our friends' dog while they were away, and that was really fun too. Tonight we might light a fire in our friends' little portable fire pit.

Our cat is learning how to rattle our new bedroom door even louder than he used to the old one at the condo. We need to scheme ways to keep him away so we can get some sleep! We have a few plans to try out.

Since we have so much CSA veg to use up, our grocery shopping was way under budget. And we have money left over from last week too! We're getting $29 back from canceling cable, and Monday I find out whether I underestimated the net raise I'm getting.

On the down side, a gift snack box subscription AS and NT got me for my birthday sneakily renewed and charged us $72, and refused to refund it. Ah well. We'll get another box or two, which I do enjoy getting, and AS and I are going to gradually pay it back in to the budget from our spending money. Annoying, but not a huge deal.

We're getting back on a menu plan and it feels great! I kind of OD'ed on junk food and restaurant food. Home cooked meals are so comforting and good for the digestive system.

1 Responses to “Showing went ... ?”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Aren't those auto renew subscriptions the worst? Could you call your cc company and explain what happened and have them refuse the charge?

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