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Day 9 declutter/organize results (an afterthought to an eventful day)

April 9th, 2014 at 08:04 pm

Where do I begin? What a day. This morning I was getting the girls ready, doing a pretty good job of staying on track, I thought. I set SL (the 2-year-old) up on the changing table. I stood her up to pull up her pants and then realized she was wearing short sleeves. So I turned around to pull a sweater out of the closet -- and heard a huge crash.

I turned around to see it as it was happening -- she had leaned against the wall and inadvertently pushed the changing table away from her (it's on wheels, though pretty sturdy and doesn't usually roll around), and as her legs slid out from under her she'd kind of scissored up and fallen behind the table and onto the floor.

She was freaked out, and crying, and I held her and examined her. But after 5 or so minutes of hugs, she calmed down and was talking and walking normally, and there were no visible injuries. So I took her to daycare.

I told the daycare lady about it and she chuckled, since SL was running happily around, but said she'd keep an eye on her.

Well, my cellphone was dead, but NT called me at work about 40 minutes later saying that the daycare lady had called him. SL had thrown up three times after I left.

He went and got her and took her to the children's emergency room (luckily a short walk from daycare) and she threw up several more times. Because that can be a sign of concussion, they did a CT scan. Luckily, the vomiting subsided and the CT scan came back with nothing, and she's been back to her normal self, if a little subdued (which I could chalk up to being worn out by the terror of being in the CT scanner; apparently she was so terrified she nearly passed out a couple times).

Needless to say, I was beside myself at work until I heard the results of the scan. When I started to relax and calm down, it felt like I'd just worked out for hours, I was so weak and sore.

We'd already planned a little extravagance: getting takeout at our favorite little Greek cafe. So I picked it up during work, using the rest of the grocery budget for it. I had a board meeting to attend at the condo representing my little cost-saving committee, but I begged off. Instead we took the food out to the nearby park and had a nice picnic with the girls, and let them run around and play.

When we got home it was already past their bedtime, but we let them have a snack (the Greek food was a bit new to them) and gave them a bath (necessary after all the puking and outdoor play).

Probably also needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I had time to myself. I asked NT what decluttering I could do that didn't require any effort, and he pointed out about ten balloons that had been sitting behind a chair for about a month, because AA didn't want us to pop them after her birthday playdate. So I pulled them out, popped them and threw away the scraps. And that was my decluttering for the day. Smile

On the money side, it was a pretty fruitful day; I received the $500 in Amex gift cards for my referral bonus at work, and redeemed my Southwest Visa points for $500 in Amazon cards. Of course, I fully expect that to be offset by the ER bill from today's visit, so we'll call it a wash. I'm just tired and grateful to have my beautiful girls apparently well, and AS's UK trip over halfway done (she'll land near midnight on Friday).

8 Responses to “Day 9 declutter/organize results (an afterthought to an eventful day)”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I'm sorry. I know how scary and exhausting that is. We've been there. We have two daredevil little boys. Sometimes I wonder if they're trying to lose a limb or an eye before middle school. Luckily, all still intact.

  2. Kiki Says:

    Oh my goodness, a scary beginning to the day.

    Glad to hear sew is ok, and you enjoyed the evening together.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    My younger son was so accident-prone I was sure the emergency room was suspecting me of abuse! But he made it fine through all his mishaps and now seems to be a very steady and unreckless adult.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    When we get ourselves worked up, it is very exhausting. I've been there. Not fun. So glad all is well. I hope today is another day. And if you didn't do any decluttering we would completely understand after a day like that.

  5. Mooshocker Says:

    Glad to hear the little one is okay. Funny story. When my middle daughter was about three, she was lying on our bed just resting. I came in the bedroom and did one of the Fonzi flops onto my bed, of course, not knowing she was there. Well, up she flew in mid air and off the side of the bed. A drop from about four feet including hang time!

    I was devistated but after a once over, it was determined that the damage was only emotional. To this day she swears she remembers and hates me for it. Hahahahahah. Jamie

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad she's okay! I can only begin to imagine how scary that would be.

  7. Zestfive Says:

    my son was a puker at least that's what I called it. Everytime he had some kind of trauma, he would puke, I had to take him for CT scans no less than three times after a particularly hard fall that resulted him in puking. It's better to be safe than sorry but it's no fun for the 'rents.

  8. ceejay74 Says:

    Thanks guys! It does help to hear about kids who went through similar accidents and came out fine.

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