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Workout progress and ... interesting prospect

March 23rd, 2014 at 08:58 pm

I worked out yesterday and today, so I'm at 13 down, 7 to go. Not sure I'll hit the goal since we have a busy week ahead, but I'll be happy even if I just get close. I haven't lost weight, in fact I've gained a bit, but it's been a decadent birthday month plus I've been really lax about avoiding snacks and extra calories. I know what I need to do, so I just need to do it. No one to blame but myself!

It's been a weird weekend. Much like this year, which I thought would be totally routine financially, this weekend started with a curveball. On Saturday, my sister calls to let me know about a potential windfall from my dad -- a land deal -- my share could be $75K!! Then she tells me the source of the money, and it would be from a morally (and environmentally) questionable source. We (my dad's kids) would have to decide whether to greenlight the deal. So then I'm thinking I can't agree to it.

But then, on further reflection, I come around to thinking that turning down the deal would not change the overall course of events. I bring up the idea, and my sister likes it, that we accept it but donate a large portion of the money to a watchdog or other nonprofit org, which might in the end help more to combat the source of the problem than just saying "no" and not doing the deal. Then, I talk to one of my own sisters, who is not going to be part of this because my dad already let her do a similar deal where she got a similar amount. Her deal, I feel like, already has put wheels in motion to the point where the rest of us saying "no" wouldn't even change the course of events on this particular plot of land, let alone the region in general.

So I still don't know -- what my other siblings will say (both about the deal in general and about the idea to donate a portion), whether the deal would go through even if we said yes. But I'm kind of thinking that on my end, I will agree to consider it, and commit to donating at least $10K to a worthy cause if the money comes through, and strongly suggest that my siblings also donate if they think we should do it. I think my two sisters would donate -- they both have offspring who are deeply troubled by the nature of the business we're dealing with. My brother, I don't know if we could convince. But even if three of us did, it would be a significant contribution to a good cause. So we'll see. I'm still trying to think about it from all angles and haven't given my final opinion yet.

It all feels very surreal to me, and will remain abstract unless/until I actually see a check for the amount. But if it happened, I know exactly what I'd do with the money; donate $10K, pay whatever taxes we'd owe on it, and then put the rest in our house down payment fund. It could accelerate our goals by over a year and possibly make it so that we could keep NT's flat for rental income, vs. selling it to afford a new home.

4 Responses to “Workout progress and ... interesting prospect”

  1. wife of the deacon Says:

    Well, that is a neat curveball to think about! I hope that the deal goes down and that you're able to reap the outcome. And I love your idea of a charitable contribution from your windfall.

  2. Bluebird Says:

    Great job on the workouts! It sounds like you've given the prospect quite a bit of thought and have come to a reasonable solution. I hope it all works out. It could really benefit your family!

  3. mamasita Says:

    I'm confident that your siblings and you can come up with an appropriate deal, you all are looking at it from a place of respect and love (if that makes any sense to anyone...)

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It sounds like you're finding a way to make lemonade. Smile

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