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Workout progress and quick update

March 13th, 2014 at 06:32 pm

Wow, I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!

First of all, I worked out Friday, took three days off of exercising (gulp), then worked out Tuesday and Wednesday and tonight. So that's 7 down, 13 to go. The only way I could be halfway done with my goal halfway through the month is if I work out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then I'll have 15 days to do 10 more workouts.

My 40th bday party was specTACular. Didn't get a ton of photos, but everyone was so complimentary saying it was a great party, great idea, etc. I sang most of my favorite karaoke songs and some people who'd never done it before tried for me. Including NT! He had never successfully gotten through a song until that night, and he did THREE. My best college friend came from out of town just for my party, so I felt extra special. Also, there were tons of leftovers that made many lunches and snacks.

I had insomnia for two nights after that -- partly exhilaration and remembering all the great moments, and partly freaking out that I spent so much money on a single night! But it was totally worth it, and I'm paying off the credit card I used tomorrow.

There were only a few wrinkles, one of them being I forgot to bring the rewards card I was going to use! Oh well, it will be easy to spend it up in other ways and get the rewards.

Speaking of cards, NT canceled two more last night, so we're down to 15 cards. As soon as some payments post (due to go out tomorrow), we'll cancel some more. Can't wait to get under 10!

I was dead on my feet Monday -- had a slight cold on top of the insomnia. Tuesday I went in late because of a dentist appointment. Wednesday AA woke up with pinkeye, so I worked from home. Today, my company had our long overdue holiday party. So this whole week has felt weird and unproductive.

But, AS got paid for her speaking gig she hasn't even done yet (she's going next week): $1000! And I got a $100 Amex gift card at my holiday party. So we're doing OK on money lately! Still no news on any of the career changes being contemplated. Basically if we manage to make about the same, we should be able to barely make the progress I want to this year, if we make less we'll need to stretch out some of our goals a bit more. If we start making more, we'll obviously be able to hit our goals early.

Until we figure out where we're going, I've decided to bank the money that would go toward extra student loan payments. For instance, I was going to put $600 extra to student loans in March, but I'm keeping that in the checking account until we get some more clarity.

4 Responses to “Workout progress and quick update”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    Sounds like a great party...glad you had fun! Keep up the workouts....you can do it!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Happy belated birthday! happy it was a great time

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    Congrats on the succcessful party! Happy to read you all had a good time. Big Grin

  4. snafu Says:

    your party sounds like a 110% success having skipped all the downers you imagined. It's one of those life marker experiences that stays with you to provide joy even on those days when things go off track. Why not put those songs you love on itunes to keep the memory fresh.

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