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Progress on debt goal, plus generous grandparent gift and more

March 4th, 2014 at 01:32 pm

The mortgage payments all hit:

US: $474 to principal
UK1: $223
UK2: $46
UK3: $49

All told, $792 down, $108 to go on the March debt goal.

Not doing as well on the March fitness goal; I didn't work out last night, and I probably won't tonight since we're going out for AS's bday. Will just have to hit the goal hard after that!


NT's dad gave AA a very generous 4th bday gift of 500 pounds, direct deposited into the UK checking account. That's $800, nearly a whole year's goal for her savings! He said something about planning the same for SL on her 2nd birthday.

I think I'm going to put $800 into AA's U.S. mutual fund and keep the 500 in the UK account to help cover renovations in a couple months. That means the $800 will need to be taken out of existing funds -- I have about $150 in unallocated savings and I'll take the rest from the medical EF. Although this is a setback to the medical fund goal, it's going to help with the UK renovation goal, so we're not losing any progress, just moving some money around.


The first part of March I have many expensive fun things planned, so I'm going to go in the hole in terms of spending money. Although I don't like having to borrow against future spending money, I've done it several times in the past and always been able to catch up. I should be caught up by mid- to late March. The main expensive things were/are a new party dress, make-up that I plan to buy this week (I pretty much have to start from scratch since I haven't worn make-up regularly in years), and babysitting for my bday party. My 40th only comes once in my life, so I'm OK with going a bit in the hole for it. Smile


We've been having some trouble with a medical bill that keeps coming; it's from a workers' comp claim from 2011 for NT. We'd never gotten a bill for it and assumed it had been handled, but his 2013 ER visit triggered something in the system and now we keep getting the bill. We've tried to have NT's work handle it, and he finally called after they threatened to send the bill to collections! He got through to them and they're going to put off the collections issue and talk to his workers' comp insurance company. But while they had him on the phone they claimed he still owed $142 from the 2013 visit. He paid it via credit card on the spot, but that number sounded familiar so I dug through my own records. Sure enough, I paid them that exact amount back in December! Whether they were being dishonest or dense I'm not sure, but they basically got him to pay part of the balance on the workers' comp claim, and I want that money back! I hope we do resolve it someday. I have not taken the money out of the budget; I have a line item saying that it will be reimbursed. If we fail in our efforts to get it back, then I'll have to take the $142 out of somewhere else, which I would HATE.

Rant over. Sorry!


More good news, though; NT got notified of a 5% raise, backdated to February 1! We're not sure how much longer he'll be at this job if they don't employ more help, but at least we can bank some extra income while we wait to see how everything pans out. Looking forward to his next paycheck including some back pay! Smile

I still hope to get a raise in April, but if I do, it will probably only be 2%. I'll take it though!

No word on AS's job giving out raises this year. But, she's getting $1000 for a speaking gig in Chicago this month! It'll come just in time to help pay our tax bill, so it's an immensely welcome amount of money.


We are almost done with the spending on this round of credit cards. I just need to spend $70some on the Southwest Visa, and I hope to buy a smartphone this week from Ting, so that should top it out. Now just waiting for CC rewards amounts to post!

5 Responses to “Progress on debt goal, plus generous grandparent gift and more”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That collections thing isn't a scam is it? Is it showing on his credit report? I know you didn't give a lot of detail, so I'm sure you know if it is legit or not, but it does seem odd.

    Awesome gift for your daughter! My FIL (now deceased)set up UTMAs for our daughter with $250 each. The money is still growing in their mutual fund. We are very thankful for what it has become.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    No, thank goodness! The hospital sent us a letter threatening to turn the bill over to collections, so NT called the hospital itself. It hasn't actually gone to collections yet. But I'm really annoyed they double-charged us for our portion of the 2013 visit.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What a thoughtful gift!

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Very nice gift!

  5. scottish girl Says:

    Nice gift Smile

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