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Debt progress & fitness tracking

August 28th, 2012 at 08:05 am

AS's student loan hit, with $127 going to principal. That takes us to $1993 down, $7 to go on the August goal. So close! I sent a $50 payment to one of NT's loans yesterday, so it should hit tomorrow with hopefully about $20 going to principal. I took the money from September's budget; just couldn't stand to miss our goal by such a small amount! Smile

On to fitness.

Aug. 26
10-min. workout: No. 6/26
Calorie counting: Yes, estimated 1,219. 26/26
No night snacks: Success; stuck to fruit and peanut butter. 20/26

Aug. 27
10-min. workout: No. 6/27
Calorie counting: Yes, estimated 1,206. 27/27
No night snacks: Success; stuck to fruit and peanut butter. 21/27

Two really low calorie days! My general goalposts are 1280 to 1400. I didn't feel deprived, so hopefully it wasn't too low. I've been terrible about working out, but I plan to pick it up again in September.

I weighed in exactly the same on Sunday, not an ounce gained or lost. I'm OK with that. Hopefully I can move the needle this week by being very careful with my eating!

1 Responses to “Debt progress & fitness tracking”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    It's always good news when you don't gain weight!

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