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June 29 fitness results

June 29th, 2012 at 06:56 pm

10-min. workout: Yes! Went down and up the stairs of my condo for 10 minutes.
Results so far: 23/29 (23 out of 29 days)

Calorie counting: Estimated 1952. (My target is 1280-1400.) Whoops! Going to a food truck for lunch really blew it for me.
Results so far: 27/29 (my goal is to track, so even if I go over my target, it counts as a success)

No night snacks: Success! Not even tempted.
Results so far: 26/29

Pretty pleased with my work this month, and with my better level of fitness, but not so much the scale. I know the scale is only part of the story, but you'd think the weight would come off if I increase my activity and decrease my eating. Sigh. We'll see how I feel at my weigh-in Sunday night.

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