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June 27 fitness results + several pieces of good money news

June 28th, 2012 at 02:14 pm

10-min. workout: Yes! A mix of various strength-training exercises.
Results so far: 21/27 (21 out of 27 days)

Calorie counting: Estimated 1062. (My target is 1280-1400.) Whaa? It really felt like a normal eating day with a slightly heavy dinner, but I checked my guesstimates a couple of times and didn't forget anything. AS pointed out dinner had a bunch of fiber-rich root vegetables, so maybe they made me feel more full.
Results so far: 25/27 (my goal is to track, so even if I go over my target, it counts as a success)

No night snacks: Success! Even though I knew I was under my calorie count, I just felt no urge to do so.
Results so far: 24/27


You know how Thriftorama says she just has to post a wish on her SA blog and it will come true? I just have to whine about not having enough money to make money mysteriously come my way. Smile

First, I got a letter that our mortgage escrow payment is going down by $1.70 per month. Not much, but I'll take it!

Then, AS had her annual review and learned she'll get a $2,000 raise (and 6 more vacation days!) starting after parental leave is up! I usually calculate we'll get 50% of a raise, since otherwise the tax bite tends to be over my estimate. This way it's always better news than I plan. Wink So I'm estimating another $84 per month in the budget!

And finally, NT let me know that he'll be working a Saturday, which isn't fun, but they'll pay him for it since he's only working three regular days that week. Also, he reminded me that since their fiscal year (and thus their paid time off) resets in July, he'll go back to full pay sooner than I had calculated. Estimated one-time cash influx from this: about $479!

All this extra money is getting socked away for healthcare expenses, which is fine because it makes our upcoming expenses that much less scary! Smile

As for AS's raise, once we learn what our mortgage payment will adjust to in November (should find out around the end of September), we can see whether we'll need that money to cover a higher mortgage payment or can allot it to something else.

PS: Phew, I would've lost this entry except I always Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C before I hit Save and Publish.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That is excellent news!!

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