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June 11 fitness results

June 11th, 2012 at 08:33 pm

10-min. workout: Yes! I was trying to decide what to do, but AA wanted to practice jumping (she just learned how!) and wanted me to do it too. So I kept doing it (and "falling down," and leaping away from her in a kind of chase) for 10 min. Phew! I'm realizing that if you focus, it's really easy to get the heart rate up for 10 min. without a lot of preparation or thought. Smile
Results so far: 9/11 (9 out of 11 days)

Calorie counting: estimated 1403. (My target is 1280-1400.) My best day so far -- only 3 calories over! (And I only estimate some measurements, so I could well be in range.)
Results so far: 11/11 (my goal is to track, so even if I go over my target, it counts as a success)

No night snacks: Success again!
Results so far: 11/11

1 Responses to “June 11 fitness results”

  1. librarylady Says:

    Those night snacks are what really do me in. If I can make myself stop at dinner then I don't go over my calorie goal.
    Good job to you.

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