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Progress on June goals

June 20th, 2011 at 07:58 am

Just calculated our June net worth, and AS's is now at negative $2,616. It wasn't a great month for retirement accounts or we would have made even more progress. Considering she ended 2010 with negative $14,667, we've made amazing leaps this year and should get her to positive net worth soon.

$25 of automatic savings went to our EF as well as 47 cents of interest (they must have cut our interest rate in half, because we used to get about 86 cents a month; but it really doesn't matter). So that's $2,657.63 saved so far this year ($11,169.58 total EF). It seems unlikely we'll reach our $7,000 goal this year, but we'll see how far we get.

One of my sisters and two of her kids were in town this weekend, so that counts as our small-group get-together. We hung out Saturday night at our house playing games and eating delivery pizza. Then we cooked them brunch on Sunday and dinner Sunday night and we played more games.

It also means I was so tired after taking them back to their hotel room last night that I didn't weigh in, so not sure how my health progress is going. I did walk a ton this weekend; we walked to and from the baseball game, over a half hour each way, and walked them back to their hotel room, which was probably about 40 minutes.

Another $15 donation went through today, so our charitable donations are up to $770 for the year.

Yay, I'm loving this month so far!

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