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Big chunka progress on the June debt goal + other musings

June 9th, 2011 at 08:50 am

I sent an extra payment to one of NT's student loans, and $882 went to principal. That brings us to $1666 down, just $34 to go on the June debt goal! AS's student loan payments at the end of the month will bring us over the top easily.

Our cat Noodles has been acting a little strangely for the past few weeks; first we noticed more than the usual litter scattered over the floor. Then he peed on the couch because the door to the bathroom was shut (usually he can hold it until someone opens the door). Then we realized he was *always* in the litter box, only peeing a few drops at a time. Finally NT noticed some pinkish crystal-type things in the litter and took Noodles to the vet.

They didn't find anything serious and couldn't get a urine sample, so they gave him a shot of something and sent us home with some prescription cat food, with instructions to switch him to canned food. (So far he won't touch the canned, but if we can keep our resolve and not give him his regular food, he'll get hungry enough eventually. I hope.)

Since there were X-rays and a month's worth of prescription food involved, the bill came to something like $250. No worries; we've got $2700 in our medical expense fund, which is separate from our emergency fund. And we add $100 every month.

Already there's less litter scattered on the floor, and we've noticed him going a lot less, so the shot must have cleared up whatever it was. One thing NT read said that urinary infections could be brought on by the hormones of depression or stress, so we wonder if it was AA's joyous screeching and chasing. We're going to try and calm her down when she starts doing that, so hopefully his stress levels will go down, if that's what it was.

AS forwarded me an interesting writer/editor position yesterday, so I'm going to apply today if I find the time. Also, an ex-co-worker emailed me about a possible job opening at an agency that works for her company. I wrote back to definitely pass my name along to the hiring people, so we'll see if that turns into anything.

AA's daycare is so wonderful still. We noticed that now at home she sits on the floor when we give her a snack, whereas before she would run around while eating it (bad, I know, but we'd let her get away with it). The daycare lady obviously pays attention to her because she mentioned how much AA loves to dance. The fact that she's already dancing there shows too that she's already comfortable around them. Today she made a little show of crying when I put her down, but when the lady picked her up, she stopped crying and waved bye-bye to us. Yippee!!

3 Responses to “Big chunka progress on the June debt goal + other musings”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Such happy day care news!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Glad Noodles is feeling better! I love that name! Glad the daycare is working out so well!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Smile like

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