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Lots of progress; reached all my annual goals!

November 16th, 2010 at 01:51 pm

I keep meaning to write about incremental progress on my November goals (financial and otherwise), but I keep feeling like I don't have time. So here goes with all the progress I've made over the past week or so:

One of AS's student loans hit, with $94 going to principal. That makes it $869 down, $131 to go on my November goal. Also, this is a step in my last Big-Picture Goal, bringing this loan down to $9,207. Since I'm afraid her other two student loans will not process in November due to weekend and holiday timing, I'm going to send an additional payment to this student loan to make sure I meet the $1000 November goal.

I was able to put aside the entire amount needed for Xmas, $700, yesterday. That's the last of my stated 2010 goals. I'm glad I was able to complete everything early! It's been a big year for us, lots of money in, lots of money out.

On the healthy living goal, I pretty much stuck to the meal plan with only about two bouts of snacking (and those were fairly healthy foods, and limited amounts). I also worked out 5 times last week (4 short sessions and 1 longer one). When I weighed myself Sunday night, I'd lost 2 lbs.! Here's hoping I can replicate my success this week.

On the decluttering front, I did do a bit in the kitchen last week, reorganizing one of the cupboards and trying to create a bit more empty space on the counter.

NaNoWriMo appears to be dead in the water...it was lowest on my list of priorities and so, if I have time or energy to either work out or write, I've been choosing to exercise. However, I'm proud that I got to 5000+ words so early in the competition, and determined that I'll try to do creative activities more often.

4 Responses to “Lots of progress; reached all my annual goals!”

  1. NJDebbie Says:


  2. LittleGopher Says:

    You have accomplished a lot - yay!!

  3. Homebody Says:

    Hurray! A baby does change things a bit though right?

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    Way to go!

    Most everyone I know doing the NeNoWriMo lately has small kids (babies, or a pile under a certain young age - like 7). This could be my main demographic of friends, admittedly. I could not imagine a worse time to take on a big project like that - but that's just me. Big Grin I imagine their is a lure in just immersing yourself in a creative endeavor and escaping reality. Beyond that, I think they are kind of crazy. Wink

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