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Baby expenses so far

January 7th, 2010 at 01:15 pm

It's been awhile since I posted about this here (I keep track in my Google Docs and on my baby blog). I actually think (fingers crossed) that this year's medical expenses will be lower, because I finally think I chose the correct healthcare plan (after misunderstanding and picking the more expensive one two years in a row).

Things this list doesn't include: expenses for weird craving foods, cost of treating conditions that are PROBABLY pregnancy-related (I'm letting my baby be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt), savings on alcohol, tax savings on the portions of my medical bills that are paid for with my pretax health savings account (HSA). I am including things that are DEFINITELY pregnancy-related but could be construed as wants vs. needs. As you look through you'll no doubt see things that could have been avoided. I feel that I'm having a pretty frugal, but not bare-bones, pregnancy.

Date Type of (expense)/savings Amount
1/9/2009 Prenatal vitamins (16.10)
4/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
4/15/2009 Prenatal vitamins (24.69)
5/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
6/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
7/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
7/6/2009 Pregnancy test (6.99)
7/21/2009 Large pair of trousers (19.99)
7/30/2009 Dr. visit co-pay (10.00)
8/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
8/10/2009 Iron supplements (5.99)
8/11/2009 Iron supplements (5.49)
8/27/2009 Rx for prevention of UTIs (10.00)
9/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
9/6/2009 Prenatal classes (155.00)
9/10/2009 OB contract pmt (127.04)
9/16/2009 Belly band (16.99)
9/29/2009 1st visit tests + rest of OB contract (1012.62 total; 1st pmt) (377.43)
10/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
10/4/2009 Maternity clothes (177.91)
10/12/2009 Iron supplements (5.92)
11/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
11/2/2009 2nd pmt for tests, dr. visits & OB contract (268.78)
11/4/2009 Fleece zipup to supplement borrowed maternity coat (14.99)
11/10/2009 Iron supplements (5.92)
11/30/2009 2 new bras (one nursing, one larger strapless) (24.93)
12/1/2009 No birth control $20.00
12/7/2009 Maternity leggings (to use as long johns) (24.99)
12/15/2009 3rd pmt dr. visits & OB contract (254.70)
12/26/2009 Maternity clothes (including replacement fleece $11) [used gift cards] (70.00)
1/1/2010 No birth control (just $20 every 3 months now, w/ new health care) $20
1/6/2010 Prenatal vitamins & iron supplements (26.38)
1/7/2010 Exercise ball (for relief of back pain & labor pains) (23.64)
1/8/2010 4th pmt dr. visits & OB contract (178.96)


2 Responses to “Baby expenses so far”

  1. twotinytoes Says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy! It's expensive to be pregnant, isn't it?

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    Thanks for the breakdown! That's neat that you're tracking it. I hope to be as disciplined - someday.

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