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Progress on debt goal

January 4th, 2010 at 08:17 am

All the mortgage payments hit today:
US: $375 to principal
UK#1: $254
UK#2: $54
UK#3: $56
In total, $739 paid, $1260 to go on the January debt-repayment goal.

I transferred 440 pounds ($880 per the CJ exchange rate) from the UK checking account into UK savings. I'm going to keep putting this money aside as part of our EF, because even though that's not one of my stated goals this year, our emergency fund should definitely be bigger. This deposit takes it to $7651, or less than two months' expenses.

Speaking of savings, AS is interested in doing a CD ladder with our EF money. We'll probably just keep it in our savings account until the baby comes, see if we have to raid the funds in the first few months, but if not, we can start doing that this year. Maybe I could get her interested in finding the British equivalent of CDs and doing the same with the money in our UK savings account. Smile

1 Responses to “Progress on debt goal”

  1. momcents Says:

    I like the idea of laddering CDs. I don't want to touch the existing EF, and I can't seem to muster up enough "save-able" money just yet!

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