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Bit of money to savings

January 3rd, 2010 at 06:30 pm

My automated biweekly deposit into savings actually hit on New Year's Eve, but I hadn't allocated it anywhere. I'm putting it into our birthdays fund, so $25 saved, $575 to go.

We got our 1040 instruction booklet in the mail, and looking through it, I'm thinking AS made enough money to qualify for part of the "making work pay" credit. NT and I will, but of course we've essentially already got it by having less money withheld from our paychecks. But AS has only had two paychecks this year. She made a couple thousand with her home-based business, enough I think for a partial credit, maybe $150 or $200. (You need to have made over $6K to get the full amount of $400.) The stimulus funds really helped us out last year, and it looks like we'll get one last treat from 'em!

2 Responses to “Bit of money to savings”

  1. financeaholic Says:

    if you had any unemployment income this year the first $2400 of it is non taxable. hope that helps!

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    That's true--another benefit of the stimulus package we have yet to reap (since we had taxes withheld from every unemployment check)!

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