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November 2009 net worth

November 20th, 2009 at 02:25 pm

NT's UK pensions: 7,250 pounds ($14,500)
14,721 pounds ($29,442)
NT's 401(k): $6,620
AS's 403(b): $2,888
AS's CD: $516
AS retirement savings: $845
CJ's 401(k): $30,273
NT's flat: 130,000 pounds ($260,000)
CJ & AS's condo: $160,000
Baby/emergency fund (shared asset): $6,731
Total Assets: $511,815

Total Debt: $384,144

Current Estimated Net Worth: $127,671

October 2009 estimate: $116,484

Change in net worth: +$11,187

Summary: OK, we made a HUGE leap in net worth, but let me explain. I don't get regular info on NT's UK pensions, but I happened to look at a piece of mail we got, rather than just filing it away uncomprehendingly, and realized that one of his pensions had jumped quite a bit in the 3+ years since he gave me the initial balance. So that gradual increase is recorded as a big leap here.

I also paid off a healthy chunk of debt, and all our other retirement accounts increased modestly, so that all contributed to the change.

After Creditcardfree's post about getting close to six figures on their retirement funds, I got curious about ours. Turns out we're at $85,084, so quite a ways to go before we hit six figures. But it's better than nothing!

I will update my "Individual Net Worth" page shortly so you can see how it breaks out.

Notes on the numbers above: House value estimates are conservative. I don't have a way to check NT's UK pensions or flat value, so their values stay static for the purpose of this update (unless I happen to get some info by chance). UK asset values and debt amounts are calculated figuring $2 for every British pound, which was the exchange rate when I started keeping track. I maintain that ratio for the purpose of tracking progress, even though the exchange rate is now closer to $1.60 per British pound.

3 Responses to “November 2009 net worth”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice...on the retirement totals and net worth! I think you are younger than us, so you are doing very well retirementwise.

  2. Analise Says:

    Very good progress, Ceejay!

  3. debt Says:

    Good to hear about that and looking forward to your "Individual Net Worth" page. You could be an inspiration to many people.

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